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Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) Testing in MedRx Audiometers

The Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) test is a new audiological test that helps determine the patient’s ability to understand in noise with hearing aids on. This is a novel approach to speech understanding in noise as ACT uses the patient audiogram to custom generate a signal to approximate aided speech results.

Inventis Establishes New North American Office in Minneapolis

Inventis SRL—the Italian audiometric equipment manufacturer of audiometers, video otoscopes, REM systems, and more—has announced the opening of its new US office in Minneapolis, the company’s first office established outside its world headquarters in Padova, Italy. Riccardo Rizzoli, who has been with Inventis for 6 years, has been appointed as its managing director.

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Data Mining in the Era of Disruptive Technology

In this new era of disruptive technology, hearing care practices need valuable information to help increase the knowledge of decision makers. Primus Business Analytics is designed to help owners and managers effectively identify growth and development opportunities, understand best-practice protocols, the duration and scope of testing, and assist in fine-tuning in ways that would otherwise be virtually impossible.

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