Switching from a manual audiometer to a PC-based audiometer can be an intimidating process. There are changes in workflow that seem daunting when you are unfamiliar with PCs or hesitant to leave behind the knobs and dials. Computerized audiometry makes testing and fitting easier and more efficient. A PC-based audiometer can be operated by touch, just like a manual audiometer, with time and proper training. With familiar interfaces and integrations, PC-based audiometry is one of the easiest ways to modernize and streamline your practice.

Manual audiometers are traditionally larger and more cumbersome than PC-based audiometers. Switching over to a computerized system will save desk space and free you of the knobs, dials, and buttons on your manual audiometer. This will help you keep your testing or fitting area clutter-free and provide a clean look for your clinic. Additionally, as PC-based audiometers do not have any buttons or dials on the devices, the reliability of the product can increase as there are no moving parts to break. The control of the audiometer moves into windows where the keyboard and mouse can power your testing. This allows the keyboard and mouse to be an extension of your audiometer and provide great flexibility in your controls. Many PC-based audiometers will have vast amounts of customization of how the testing may be performed in the software. This allows clinicians to customize how they perform their style of testing.

Computer-based audiometry can also provide more flexibility with testing and upgrades. A computer-based audiometer is able to upgrade the system through a simple windows software install, while a manual audiometer will have to go through the more complicated hardware upgrade processes. Need a new speech test for your audiometer? No problem, with systems like the MedRx audiometers simply install a windows file and the speech test is available for testing. Computerized audiometers can also play CDs, MP3s and other forms of sound files available on the PC. This makes the system extremely versatile for your daily use.

A PC-based audiometer can also help to increase your workflow. Clinicians will no longer need to worry about data transfer from an offline system into their database of choice. A PC-based audiometer will integrate with many of the office management systems and audiological databases such as Noah. This will allow a clinician to go from testing directly to report writing or to a product demonstration with the patient. All results are immediately shared and available for your fitting module to begin verification. Pair your PC-based audiometer with a PC-based real ear measurement system to increase productivity even further.

A switch to computerized audiometry can be a big change. However, computer-based audiometry interfaces are intuitive, even for first-time users. It will help you optimize your office systems, integrating with patient management systems, and most likely, a computer you already own. Computerized audiometry consolidates testing, patient information, and can even help you stay more organized. Growing your practice will become so much easier when you have a reliable and easy to use system running alongside you.

At MedRx, we believe that customer support and personalized training are keys to making clinicians successful. This is why we have a direct line to our customer support which will help you get the answers you need. We specialize in PC-based diagnostic products that are intuitive and cost effective. If you are interested in pc-based diagnostic products call MedRx at 888-392-1234.

Photo: MedRx