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Noopl Announces Closing of Business

Hearing enhancement device developer and distributor Noopl has announced it is suspending the sales and marketing of its device. Launched at CES 2021 and honored with a CES 2022 Innovation Award, Noopl was a small $199 hearing accessory that clipped onto the bottom of an iPhone.

Behind the Ear


Oticon Expands Polaris Platform with New MiniBTE Solutions

Oticon announces the expansion of the potential of Polaris to its newest portfolio of solutions to “offer more patients a life full of sound.”  The addition of two new miniBTE solutions helps give hearing care professionals “the ability to meet the diverse needs and preferences of more patients with the superior sound quality of Oticon More,” according to the company.

In the Ear


Phonak Launches Virto Paradise Hearing Aids

This includes the Virto P Black—the fully-connected in-the-ear (ITE) hearing device that resembles a modern earbud, and the Virto P-Titanium—the “world’s only custom hearing aid made from titanium.”

Over the Counter


Knowles Introduces New Balanced Armature Receiver for OTC Market

Knowles Corporation, a provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones, speakers, audio solutions, high-performance capacitors, and RF products, announced the RAQ, a new medium-power balanced armature receiver developed for high-volume hearing health and TWS products.

Speech in Noise?


Reducing Hearing Aid Delay for Optimal Sound Quality: A New Paradigm in Processing

Sound quality in digital hearing aids is often compromised due to signal-processing delay and the resulting “comb-filter effect.” To change this, Widex recently introduced a new solution, designed particularly for mild-to-moderate hearing losses, which employs an ultralow delay. This results in a sound quality that has, until now, been unattainable in digital hearing aids. This article describes the physics of hearing aid delay, and presents a field study on the sound quality experience of the new system.

Personal Sound Amplification


Signal Processing and Sound Quality

Hearing aid signal processing is central to the sound that surrounds the user every day. This article lays out different possible signal-processing strategies, focusing on the choice of filter bank and sampling rate, and how these relate to sound quality. Although both time- and frequency-domain filter banks have their advantages, the sound-quality benefits of a time-domain filter bank outweigh other considerations.