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GN Hearing to Delay Key 2021 Product Launches, Restructure R&D

GN Hearing, the parent company of ReSound and Beltone, announced in a profit warning that it is experiencing delays in product development deliverables leading to postponement of key product launches planned for H2 2021. The company has decided to initiate a transformation of R&D with the objective to increase quality, predictability of delivery times, and R&D efficiency.

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Phonak Launches Naida Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions, announced Naída Paradise, the power hearing aid that “gives people with severe-to- profound hearing loss the power, sound quality, and wireless connectivity they need to connect with everything around them.”

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‘NYT’ Column Considers Future of Hearing Care

'New York Times' Personal Health writer Jane Brody, she discusses how new legislation related to coverage of hearing care coupled with increasingly innovative hearing aid design, may compel greater hearing device adoption among people with untreated hearing loss.

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Reducing Hearing Aid Delay for Optimal Sound Quality: A New Paradigm in Processing

Sound quality in digital hearing aids is often compromised due to signal-processing delay and the resulting “comb-filter effect.” To change this, Widex recently introduced a new solution, designed particularly for mild-to-moderate hearing losses, which employs an ultralow delay. This results in a sound quality that has, until now, been unattainable in digital hearing aids. This article describes the physics of hearing aid delay, and presents a field study on the sound quality experience of the new system.

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Oticon Expands Oticon More Family

More options -- from the new miniRITE T with disposable batteries, and the portable SmartCharger, to new fitting options, and a music-oriented signal processing program -- help allow hearing care professionals to “better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.”  For patients with single-sided deafness, Oticon also extends the Oticon CROS family with a new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter that is compatible with Oticon More.