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Phone Script Tips: Arming Your Receptionist or PCC with the Tools to Succeed

In some ways, handling the initial phone call from a potential customer is as important as programming a hearing aid, says hearing care consultant Von Hansen. Because you don't have to worry about hearing aid programming, verification and validation, AR, etc, if you can’t get the patient to come into your office in the first place.

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US Hearing Aid Sales Fall by 18% in 2020

According to Hearing Industries Association (HIA) statistics, total net hearing aid sales in 2020 reached 3.47 million units, a decrease of 18.0%, with the private/commercial sector experiencing a decrease of 14.2% and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) a decrease of 34.0%. Here is an analysis of hearing aid sales in 2020, including state-by-state unit losses, and what the future might hold in 2021.