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Bluetooth LE, Audio LE and the Future of Sound Integration

LE Bluetooth took shape in 2010 and eventually an audio streaming solution called LE Audio was built on top of the LE Bluetooth platform. The technology is progressing and the possibilities are tantalizing. The “guts” of LE Audio is software called Low Complexity Communication Codec or LC-3 for short.

New Paper Explores Audiologists’ Evolving Role As a ‘Hearing Loss Mitigation Counselor’

A new paper from a group of private-practice audiologists explores how the future of hearing healthcare depends upon recognizing and serving patients from a whole-person perspective—moving away from the narrow view of addressing hearing loss through amplification only, to becoming “hearing loss mitigation counselors” and treating the needs of the individual.

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‘Audiology Healthcare News’ Publishes 25th Year Anniversary Issue

Audiology HealthCare News, a customized newsletter written for audiologists to mail to their local physicians and other healthcare providers, announced that it recently published its 25th year anniversary issue. The popular newsletter written by audiologist Dennis Hampton, PhD, has provided over a million contacts with primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

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Future Ear Podcast: Life for Audiologists & Private Practice Owners from March-June 2020

A new “Future Ear” podcast by Dave Kemp of Oaktree Products features great ideas and perspectives from six audiologists in different parts of the United States. The podcast highlights the uniqueness of some of the individual work situations and regions, and includes several excellent tips about how to adapt a practice in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery.

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