LE Bluetooth took shape in 2010 and eventually an audio streaming solution called LE Audio was built on top of the LE Bluetooth platform. The technology is progressing and the possibilities are tantalizing. The “guts” of LE Audio is software called Low Complexity Communication Codec or LC-3 for short.

Experts expect to see this technology in non-hearing aid audio devices and eventually—perhaps in the next few years—in hearing aids. Bluetooth LE Audio via the LC-3 platform will allow any compatible device to connect to an unlimited numbers of devices—with better sound quality and less power consumption. The LC-3 platform allows users to connect multiple devices to one transmitter.

The Featured Report will cover the following topics/takeaways:

  • predicted benefits of LE Audio for people in theaters, movie houses, lecture halls, airports, and even rock concerts;
  • the predicted time horizon for realizing LE Audio’s potential; and
  • the potential for LE Audio to level the playing field among hearing aid manufacturers.

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