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Lantos Technologies Relaunches So Professionals Can “Own the Ear” with Custom ITE/RIC Fittings

Lantos Technologies wants hearing care professionals to "own the ear" by providing better technology for the 3D scanning and replication of the dynamic ear canal–for improved sound quality, reduced feedback, and better comfort and retention for the wearer. Learn more about the Lantos relaunch and watch a short interview of company CEO Paul Harkness who provides his perspectives on customizing hearing aid fittings for enhanced patient-centered care and greater customer satisfaction.

Phonak Launches New E-Learning Platform for Hearing Care Professionals

Hearing care professionals can now deepen their audiology knowledge through the new e-learning platform from Phonak, the company announced. The manufacturer of hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions is aiming to help its customers refine their understanding of relevant topics related to products, audiological background, and counseling techniques.

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Grason-Stadler Launches Responsive Website Design

Grason-Stadler has launched a clean and contemporary responsive website redesign that allows visitors to freely navigate, automatically adjusting to the type of device on which it is being viewed. With friendly scrolling and single selection navigation, website clicks are minimized and information is provided more intuitively.

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Social Media Video Made Easy

Viewers spend 100% more time on Web pages that contain video, and 85% of Internet users are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. In this blog, Michele Ahlman explains how hearing healthcare practices can use video on their social media channels.

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