The Ida Institute announced a new collaboration between the Ida Institute, Healthy Hearing,  and Hearing Directory, which will allow people with hearing loss across the US and Canada to identify hearing care professionals and clinics that have earned the Inspired by Ida label, “a benchmark of quality that signals dedication to person-centered care.”

The collaboration reportedly allows members of the Inspired by Ida program who have clinic profiles on Healthy Hearing or Hearing Directory to display their Inspired status on their profile at no charge. Consumers can then identify clinics that are members of the Inspired by Ida program, have taken courses in how to provide person-centered counseling, and expressed their dedication to person-centered care by signing the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics.

Healthy Hearing is said to offer consumers “the largest directory and verified reviews of audiologists, ENTs, and hearing clinics in the US.” Hearing Directory is Healthy Hearing’s sister site in Canada that “assists consumers on their journey to better health with a directory of audiologists, ENTs, and hearing clinics” in Canada.  

“We are excited to announce the new collaboration with Healthy Hearing and Hearing Directory,” said Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “This allows us to raise awareness about the value of person-centered care and the Inspired by Ida label among a large number of consumers, while providing the clinics listed on Healthy Hearing and Hearing Directory with a unique opportunity to show their dedication to person-centered care.”   

For more than 12 years, the Ida Institute has worked with hearing care professionals worldwide to enhance the quality of hearing care, developing a comprehensive portfolio of counseling tools and resources for professionals and patients. At its core is a focus on a person-centered approach that allows people to better articulate their needs and play a more active role in their own care. This “helps lead to better outcomes and helps people manage their hearing loss more effectively—which ultimately entails a higher degree of patient satisfaction.”

“Research shows that patients are most successful with hearing aids if they have developed a good relationship with their provider,” said Mandy Mroz, president of Healthy Hearing. “The I­nspired by Ida program allows professionals to enhance their counseling skills to better identify individual patient success factors and differentiate their practices. We’re delighted to add the Inspired by Ida label for clinics on Healthy Hearing and Hearing Directory. These clinics prioritize a person-centered approach.”

Hearing care professionals interested in the Inspired by Ida program can register for a free Ida Institute membership and go to the Ida Learning Hall to complete two required eLearning courses: “Getting Started with Person-Centered Care” and “Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools.”  Upon completion of the courses, practitioners are given the option to claim their personal online verification label, which they can share through their social media channels, websites, and emails, as well as their Healthy Hearing or Hearing Directory profile. 

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Source: Ida Institute

Images: Ida Institute