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Clear Digital Media Launches Hearing Tracker Reviews Plug-in for HNN

Hearing Tracker is an independent consumer review platform for hearing aids, hearing providers, and hearing centers. This creative collaboration is said to help unify web reviews and TV to form a combination that not only helps clients “build their online presence” but also helps influence client’s patients while they wait.

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Mythbusters’ Myth #5: “Including Family Members in the Appointment Takes Up Too Much Valuable Time”

Sometimes colleagues complain that, while it may seem like a nice idea to include family members in the audiologic assessment and rehabilitation process (ie, nice to do), it is just too time consuming. But what if family involvement in the rehabilitation process not only provides more efficient use of time, but results in better outcomes? Drs Christopher Lind, Joseph Montano, and Gurgit Singh show why it’s a myth that “there isn’t time to include family members” in an appointment.

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EXPERT INSIGHT #2: How long should the hearing aid battery last after a full charge, and how does Bluetooth affect this?

This week’s Expert Insight addresses how long a battery should last after a full recharge, how Bluetooth streaming can affect battery life, and if the life of a hearing aid circuit is shortened by a rechargeable system. Get new insights into power issues, and ask your own questions here!

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