Audiology HealthCare News, a customized newsletter written for audiologists to mail to their local physicians and other healthcare providers, announced that it recently published its 25th year anniversary issue. 

“Thanks to the support of audiologists around the country, more than a million contacts have been made with primary care physicians and other healthcare providers, providing them with information about hearing loss and the central role of the audiologist in hearing healthcare,” said Dennis Hampton, PhD, editor.

Dennis Hampton

The physician newsletter is published by Hearing HealthCare News, publishers of a customized patient newsletter. It was developed after surveys of hearing aid users indicated that the primary care physician is the most common source for individuals seeking information about hearing healthcare.  

The newsletter summarizes articles from journals such as Journal of the American Academy of Audiology (JAAA), American Journal of Audiologyand JAMA Otolaryngology. Recent articles include “The Effects of Untreated Hearing Loss on Cognition,” “Untreated Hearing Loss and Increased Health Care Costs,” “Hypertension and Hearing Loss,” and “Cigarette Smoking and Hearing Loss and When Is An Audiology Evaluation Recommended?” 

Source: Hearing Healthcare News

Image: Hearing Healthcare News