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US DOJ and KFHPW Settle Claim Related to ‘ADA Act’

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington (KFHPW), resolved allegations from several complainants that it repeatedly failed to provide interpreters to patients who are deaf or deaf-blind, in violation of the “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),” announced US Attorney Nicholas W. Brown. 

Maintaining Consumer Protections for All Hearing Aids

Three years ago on August 18, 2017, what has become known as the “OTC Hearing Aid Act” was signed into law, and we’ve now reached the statutory deadline for proposed rules for this new class of hearing aid. Although FDA is obviously focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, the complexities of federal preemption of state laws related to hearing aids also loom large. To ensure strong consumer protections, HIA conducted exhaustive research of hearing aid laws in the 50 states, identifying five primary areas of consumer protection to flag for FDA.

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Individuals with Hearing Loss Allege Health Plan Discriminated Against Them in Denial of Coverage

A federal appeals court who heard the case determined that “insurance companies cannot discriminate against disabled people by broadly denying coverage for the types of treatment they need,” according to the article, but said the plaintiffs may not be entitled to coverage because “not everyone with a hearing loss is disabled.”

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