Category: Practice Management

Continuing Education


Signia Launches Third Volume of ‘Research Quick Takes’ Series

Signia announced the launch of the third volume of Research Quick Takes, a quarterly online series on the Signia Learn platform that delivers practical advice to address some of the most common clinical problems experienced by hearing care professionals (HCPs) today.

Management Strategies


Andrew Bellavia Launches AuraFuturity to Serve Hearing Market

Andrew Bellavia announced that he has launched a new consulting business, AuraFuturity, to serve the hearing health and related hearables markets. Focusing on go-to-market, branding, and content, AuraFuturity is positioned to “assist innovators to define their value and communicate it effectively to their target customers.”

Medicare & Insurance


Birdsong Hearing Benefits to Offer Integrated Network

Birdsong Hearing Benefits, based in Jacksonville, Florida, announced its hearing benefits and integrated network offering to help millions of Americans—especially those in Medicare Advantage—to regain their lost hearing and reconnect with the people and sounds they love.