GSI Releases Video Series on AMTAS Automated Audiometry Tool

Grason-Stadler (GSI), a manufacturer of clinical audiometric systems, announced that it hosted a conversation with Drs James W. Hall III and Robert Margolis to discuss the current landscape around the patient-provider gap and the essential need for an automated audiometry tool called AMTAS.



“JAMA” Examines Improvements in Healthcare for Hearing Loss

A viewpoint article published on “JAMA Network” on World Hearing Day considers the ways in which large-scale, public healthcare systems can implement strategies to address hearing loss which include funding research, improving communication, and streamlining hearing care services.



Usability of Bimodal Neuromodulation to Treat Tinnitus

It is reported that 10-15% of the global adult population suffers from tinnitus 1-4, the chronic phantom auditory percept that has been attributed to abnormal firing patterns in the brain.4 According to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), 45 million Americans reported experiencing tinnitus in the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey.

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Starkey Names Denise Steinbring Chief Marketing Officer

In her new role as Starkey Chief Marketing Officer, Steinbring oversees the marketing team to help customers leverage new tools and resources, launch products around the world, and effectively communicate the value and benefit of better hearing technology to customers and the patients they serve.