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Letters: The Advent of “Superfecta” Hearing Aids with Telecoils

Robert Bishton, BC-HIS, says we have recently seen the introduction of what could be called “Superfecta” hearing aids: instruments that come in a cosmetically pleasing small RIC/RITE form-factor, are rechargeable, equipped with wireless connectivity (to smartphones, remote mics and TV streamers) as well as a built-in telecoil.

A Questionnaire to Assess the Subjective Benefit of Extended Bandwidth Amplification Hearing Aids

The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution has been shown to deliver greater audibility across an extended frequency range than conventional aids, but do patients notice the difference? A pilot study using a new questionnaire was run with experienced hearing aids users to evaluate the subjective sound quality they had when fit with the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution versus when they were switched back to their own acoustic hearing aids.

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Earphone Models for iPhones: Surprising Results When Used with a Hearing App

This study revealed that for some individuals with a mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss, the use of an amplifier app can result in enhanced listening performance—and even performance within normal limits in background noise. However, the quality of the earphones used does make a difference. These apps and earphones may be particularly useful for these patients who—for whatever reason—could benefit from amplification but are not yet ready for a hearing aid.

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