Summary: Williams AV introduced the Digi-Loop 104, a new compact hearing loop amplifier designed to enhance accessibility in small venues for individuals with hearing loss.


  1. The Digi-Loop 104 is specifically engineered for small environments such as meeting rooms, waiting areas, and assisted living facilities, ensuring these spaces are inclusive and compliant with hearing legislation.
  2. This device utilizes Class D amplification for efficient power usage and natural cooling, along with automatic gain control to deliver improved sound quality and intelligibility.
  3. The Digi-Loop 104 features a user-friendly interface with clear status indicators that simplify monitoring and management for administrators, making it a practical choice for a variety of settings.

Williams AV, a provider of assistive communication technology, recently debuted new products at InfoComm, which included the announcement of a  new hearing loop device.

Williams AV’s Small Room, Perimeter Hearing Loop

Williams AV expanded its assistive listening solutions with the addition of the Digi-Loop 104, a compact, perimeter loop amplifier for small rooms. 

The Digi-Loop 104 is designed for venues looking to make meeting rooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, and assisted living facilities more inclusive for those with hearing loss, and compliant with hearing legislation.

This Class D amplifier features high-efficiency technology for lower power consumption and natural cooling, and features a user-friendly interface and clear status indicators to make it easy for admins to monitor, the company says.

It also features automatic gain control for superior sound quality and intelligibility. 

Williams AV’s product portfolio includes assistive listening, interpretation, intercom, guided tours, and entertainment offerings, reflecting a commitment to creating seamless and inclusive communication experiences, the company says.

Photo: Williams AV