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Patient Care


Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSNHL): A Status Report 2022

SSNHL remains a difficult problem to diagnose, manage, and resolve, say authors Douglas Beck, AuD, and Jed Grisel, MD. Although treatments for SSNHL include corticosteroids and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (preferably early after onset), there are no interventions with highly predictable successful outcomes. However, a variety of new therapeutic strategies are under investigation.

Pediatric Care


Ida Institute Launches Course on ‘Child-centered Care’

The free four-part course explains the key cognitive skills developed as children age, techniques for communicating with pediatric clients, and which Ida tools will make the communication more fun and effective. The material supports hearing care professionals in enabling children to contribute in ways that make them a meaningful part of their care.

Counseling & Education


Patient-centric Follow-up: The Key Differentiator in Hearing Healthcare

As patient-centric care gains steam in both general medicine and hearing health—while being juxtaposed by new OTC and DIY hearing solutions—a renewed focus on follow-up services is crucial. This special report looks at follow-up AR protocols and perspectives, and includes perspectives from Nancy Tye-Murray, Brian Taylor, Cherilee Rutherford, Ron Leavitt, Susanna Løve, Dave Blanchard, and more.