AHead Simulations, a provider of healthcare training solutions, announced the release of the CARL Pro Mega Update, a new advancement in audiology simulation technology, the company says. 

This comprehensive update, the result of over two years of meticulous research, validation, testing, and development, enhances CARL’s capabilities, positioning it as an end-to-end workflow training platform for hearing healthcare professionals, according to AHead Simulations.

Key Features of the CARL Pro 2.0 Mega Update include:

Masking Simulation:

  • The CARL Pro Mega Update introduces a new masking simulation feature, offering two distinct training modes.
    • Masking-only: Focuses on learning and testing the competency of masking, eliminating the need for a full hearing test.
    • Complete Audiogram: Tests CARL’s hearing comprehensively, including unmasked and masked thresholds, mirroring a real patient experience.
  • Patient-realistic Interaural attenuation and crossover Values.
  • CARL now responds with patient-realism in masking cases, replicating unilateral hearing loss and asymmetrical losses. The accurate simulation of patient conditions ensures a lifelike training experience, the company says.
  • Create Your Own Masking Case.
    • A new create-an-audiogram-wizard guides users through the process of creating asymmetrical hearing loss, considering CARL’s Interaural Attenuation. This feature allows for customized, challenging training scenarios.
  • Universal compatibility – integrate with any transducer or audiometer.

Hearing Loss Simulation:

The update includes advanced features for simulating hearing loss:

  • Choose Preferred Hearing Loss Model: Select from a range of models to suit specific training needs.
  • Record or Create Audiograms: Record through a preloaded audiogram or create a customized one, tailoring the simulation to individual requirements.
  • Customizable Ear Canal Transforms: Modify ear canal transforms based on your setup, enhancing the realism of the simulation.
  • Add Headroom for High-Gain Recordings: Accommodate high-gain recordings with ease, ensuring a more accurate and versatile training experience.

Additional Updates:

  • New Video Library: Access informative videos to explore the CARL Pro update and other resources, facilitating a quick and efficient learning curve.
  • Expanded Resources and Walkthroughs: More comprehensive resources and walkthroughs are provided for the new use cases, ensuring users maximize the benefits of the update.

The CARL Pro Mega Update aims to transform hearing healthcare training and make it easier to tackle challenging aspects of clinical practice, particularly masking. With the expanded utility and versatility, CARL now offers audiology professionals an opportunity to explore and master new dimensions in their practice, the company says.

AHead Simulations remains committed to empowering education through pushing the boundaries of simulation technology, enabling healthcare professionals to enhance their skills and ultimately improve patient care.

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Photo: AHead Simulations