GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill, has announced additional dates and cities to the schedule for its “Revolutionize Vestibular Assessment Seminar” series. The series features the company’s video head impulse testing (vHIT) technology reportedly found only in ICS Impulse. This seminar is now being offered in Mesa, Ariz, on October 10 and Boston on October 29. Seminars are also being held in San Francisco on November 14 and Denver on November 18. Previous seminars were held in New York and Vancouver in June and September, respectively. Attendees are encouraged to register early at for a seminar in a city near them, as space is limited and in high demand.

HR impulseSeminarBanner2 The “Revolutionize Vestibular Assessment Seminar” series is the most recent in a long line of continuing education opportunities developed and offered by Otometrics. The featured speakers conducting the seminars are well-respected industry leaders, including Kamran Barin, PhD; Jorge Kattah, MD; Kristen Janky, PhD; Faith Akin, PhD; and Owen Murnane, PhD.

“Judging by our instructor line-up and advanced technology alone, it’s easy for balance professionals to determine that this seminar is well worth attending,” said Wendy Crumley-Welsh, product manager at Otometrics in a press release. “The fact that we’ve had to expand the schedule and add more dates and cities is a testament to our reputation for being the industry leader in continuing education.”

The seminar discusses the evaluation of all five end organs (semicircular canals, saccule, and utricle) of the vestibular system and addresses why this information assists practitioners in diagnosis, treatment, and measurement of treatment effectiveness. Additionally, attendees are among the first to experience the technology behind the ICS Impulse video head impulse testing. An industry first, ICS Impulse can assess and document the vestibular function in all six semicircular canals in less than 10 minutes, from patient entry to reporting, says the company. The ICS Impulse offers many benefits for physicians and clinicians in determining if the patient’s symptoms are caused by a central or peripheral disorder.

More in-depth training. For those desiring more in-depth training, Otometrics also offers a bi-annual 3-day information-intensive VNG Course every May and October. The upcoming VNG course will be held October 9-11 in Chicago at the Allerton Hotel and will be facilitated by Kamran Barin, PhD. The course is designed to provide practical information necessary to make the VNG/ENG test an effective part of the diagnostic process. For details, visit:  For more information about the educational offerings, call (800) 289-2150.

Source: GN Otometrics