Signia announced that TeleCare, its telehealth solution, is now available for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hearing care professionals (HCPs) to treat their veterans.

The VA recently expanded approval for more telehealth solutions, enabling veterans with hearing loss to benefit from virtual care. Not only is this important as COVID-19 continues to prevent many patients from visiting their HCP in person, but it is also essential for veterans who face difficulty traveling to a clinic due to geographic distance or physical limitations.

“Signia has long worked with the VA to provide our veterans with the latest hearing aid technology to help improve their quality of life with better hearing,” said John Murray, Signia’s Vice President of Government Services. “We are honored to support the VA’s mission to expand its use of telehealth solutions and provide greater convenience for our nation’s heroes and the professionals who treat them.”

Signia has offered TeleCare as a way for hearing care professionals to service their patients remotely since 2016. TeleCare helps enable HCPs to connect via phone, video, or text-based chats with their patients, discuss their success or challenges, and make any necessary adjustments in real time, according to the company.

Overall, Signia TeleCare is “clinically proven to improve patient outcomes.” A study by Signia found that 70% of HCPs who use TeleCare report the solution has increased patient satisfaction, while 75% agree that it provides greater convenience for them and their patients.[1]Another study of 23,000 hearing aid patients worldwide indicates that TeleCare improves hearing aid acceptance by 19%.[2]

TeleCare is currently available for use with any Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids on Signia’s Xperience and Nx platforms. All patients need to benefit from TeleCare is an iPhone or Android smartphone to download the Signia app.

Additional information about Signia TeleCare can be found at:

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Source: Signia