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Empowering Women in Manufacturing

This national award program recognizes women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and excellence in their manufacturing careers, and who inspire the next generation of female talent to pursue a career in the industry.

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How Is That Number Determined?

Of the many hearing aid parameters that optimize a hearing aid for music, the peak input limiting level is the most important. If the level is too low, front-end distortion will occur related to the higher levels associated with music, and no amount of software processing (that occurs later in the hearing aid circuitry) can resolve this.

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Providing Hearing Solutions to People with Hearing Difficulties but Minimal Hearing Loss

The audiogram has been used to determine whether someone needs hearing help and whether they would benefit from a hearing aid. The fact that only 30% of those with a measurable hearing loss (PTA > 25 dB HL) has been used repeatedly to indict the hearing aid industry for not helping the 70% of those with a hearing loss who are presumed to need hearing help.

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Preserving Your Autonomy in the Face of Good Audiological Advice: A Tribute To My Aged Mother

During my over 40-year tenure as a psychologist, I have worked with many families with aged parents dealing with hearing loss. But this time, the parent is my mother. 

One day, after we exchanged our greetings in the nursing home, my mother went blank, looked away, and uttered: 

 “I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not a wife like I was, I’m not a secretary like I was, and I have no purpose. Who am I? What am I supposed to do? How did I even get here?”

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