Summary: Neosensory appointed a seasoned leader in the hearing healthcare industry to its board of directors to enhance strategic growth and innovation.


  1. Paul Martin brings over four decades of experience in hearing healthcare and helped launch products like the Kirkland Signature hearing aids and the TruHearing Flyte program for GN ReSound.
  2. Martin’s expertise in strategic vision and partnerships will support Neosensory’s expansion of hearing solutions and multi-sensory experiences.
  3. He has held executive roles at major companies, runs Blue Ocean Advisors, and holds a Master of Science in Audiology from West Virginia University.

Neosensory, a company developing non-invasive wearable devices that enable new sensory capabilities, announced the appointment of Paul Martin to its board of directors. Martin is a leader in the hearing healthcare industry with over four decades of experience driving innovation and business growth, Neosensory says.

“Paul Martin brings invaluable strategic vision to Neosensory,” says David Eagleman, PhD, founder and CEO. “He’s led a career of breakthrough initiatives at some of the top hearing tech companies. His expertise will be irreplaceable as we expand our hearing solutions.”

Hearing Healthcare Veteran

Martin has dedicated his career to transforming the hearing healthcare landscape through pioneering product launches, partnership development, and operational leadership roles. He was instrumental in the launch of the Kirkland Signature hearing aid product line for Costco as well as the TruHearing Flyte program for GN ReSound. Most recently, Martin facilitated establishing the relationship between Jabra Enhance/Redesign Health and GN.

“Neosensory is charting an incredibly exciting path by leveraging the profound capabilities of the brain to help people regain connections through multi-sensory experiences,” says Martin. “I’m thrilled to join the company’s mission of delivering novel technological solutions that have such a powerful positive impact on quality of life for those with hearing and sensory challenges.”

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After establishing his own thriving audiology practice early in his career, Martin went on to hold executive positions at prominent industry players such as GN ReSound, HBC – Private Equity, and Amplifon USA. He currently runs Blue Ocean Advisors, a consulting firm serving companies across the hearing healthcare sector. Martin earned his Master of Science in Audiology from West Virginia University.