Summary: Amplifi Hearing launched a web-enabled version of its hearing aid comparison system that is designed to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.


  1. aims to boost pre-visit engagement, encouraging more office visits by allowing patients to experience different hearing aids online before an in-person consultation.
  2. The platform features an API that enables a browser to access key features and retrieve data from the company’s repository of hearing aid recordings.
  3. By providing a realistic pre-sale experience, aims to help increase customer satisfaction by ensuring patients can make well-informed decisions on their hearing aid choice.

Amplifi Hearing, a company focused on advancing hearing care delivery announced the release of, the web-enabled version of its EarScript hearing aid comparison app and system. 

How Does EarScript Work?

EarScript is a patented* process that enables a patient to listen to a variety of hearing aids in different listening conditions that are programmed for their own hearing loss, offering a better way to compare and select the best hearing device to meet their needs. The app is designed to increase patient engagement and overall satisfaction during the hearing care journey, the company says. 

When implemented on a hearing care provider website or app, provides several key benefits: 

  • Pre-visit consumer engagement helps to promote office/store visits 
  • Objective In-store/office hearing aid selection and likelihood of reduced trials resulting a quicker time to sale
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to a more engaging and realistic experience pre-sale

The software system consists of two key elements:

  1. An API that enables a browser to access the key features and retrieve data from the company’s repository of hearing aid recordings
  2. A sample app that demonstrates the basic EarScript workflow and features, which can then be used to tailor the implementation to any website look and feel. is offered on an annual subscription basis and is now available for licensing to hearing care organizations who wish to add significant patient engagement and efficiency to their practice or company websites.

* U.S. Patent 9,154,888 Canadian Patent 2,876,251