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Cicadas’ Buzzing Sound Could Worsen Tinnitus

With this year’s return of cicadas, many will view the mostly harmless insects as an annoyance. However, the bugs’ high-pitched buzzing sound — which can be loud enough to drown out a jet plane flying overhead — could potentially worsen tinnitus.

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Tinnitus App Diapason Offers 200 Free Subscriptions

While tinnitus has no known cure, one science-based app, Diapason, can help offer relief to some of the 50 million people suffering in the US. Beginning on World Hearing Day, March 3, Diapason announced that it will offer $25,000 worth of free subscriptions during March.

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Neuromod Launches Ótologie Tinnitus Telehealth Service

Medical device company, Neuromod Devices Ltd, announced that it has launched Ótologie, a “specialist telehealth service for tinnitus.” This new service will provide tinnitus patients, throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, with a private care option to avoid waiting lists and give them immediate access to treatment from its telehealth service.