Tinnitus has plagued mankind for millennia. Yet, too often when those who have tinnitus seek professional help, they are told they will have to learn to live with it. A new book called Combatting Tinnitus: What You Can Do Now to Begin to Lessen the Annoyance, a new consumer guide by John Greer Clark, is designed to reassure tinnitus sufferers that indeed something can be done to lessen the annoyance of these intrusive sounds.

John Greer Clark, PhD

Following an introductory explanation of what tinnitus is and how commonly it occurs, this book presents brief instructive overview of the anatomy and physiology of the ear, and the types and degrees of hearing loss. Then, in a clear and understandable fashion, the author presents a common theory of tinnitus origin and the steps sufferers need to take to rule out potential contributors to tinnitus as a precursor to its management. 

Readers will learn:

  • Why tinnitus is maddening to many and not bothersome to others;
  • Factors that can aggravate tinnitus;
  • Courses of treatment options that have been successful for others;
  • What the tinnitus sufferer can do right now to begin to gain control over tinnitus annoyance.

Available through Amazon, Combatting Tinnitus by John Greer Clark can be the first step for many in the journey toward a quieter, more peaceful life.

Source: John Greer Clark

Image: John Greer Clark