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Critical Distance: How Far Can Musicians and Choir Members Be Spaced from Each Other?

First proposed by Wallace Sabine, critical distance is the physical distance where the sound arriving directly from the source would equal the reverberant or reflected sound level in the room. This critical distance is proportional to the physical size of the room and inversely proportional to the reverberation time which can vary depending on the acoustic qualities of the room. This article looks at the concept of critical distance for choir members and musicians, and debuts a new amplification device, HearHooks, as a possible strategy for addressing spacing concerns.

Outrage or Contrition? How to React to the USPSTF’s Apathy on Hearing Screening by Physicians

As it did 8 years ago, USPSTF has come to the same conclusion that there is not enough evidence to recommend physicians screen for hearing loss in adults age 50 and older without signs or symptoms of hearing loss. How should we react to this? An opinion is offered from Karl Strom, Douglas Beck, David Fabry, Thomas Powers, and Kate Carr.

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New Paper Explores Audiologists’ Evolving Role As a ‘Hearing Loss Mitigation Counselor’

A new paper from a group of private-practice audiologists explores how the future of hearing healthcare depends upon recognizing and serving patients from a whole-person perspective—moving away from the narrow view of addressing hearing loss through amplification only, to becoming “hearing loss mitigation counselors” and treating the needs of the individual.

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Phonak Launches Audéo Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak’s new Audéo Paradise hearing aid is designed to provide the next level of excellent sound quality through its new PRISM sound processing chip that features double the memory of Phonak’s previous chip, universal connectivity options with Tap Control, a new fitting formula for better first fits, reduced reverberation, greater dynamic range, and new Motion Sensor Hearing technology.

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Maintaining Consumer Protections for All Hearing Aids

Three years ago on August 18, 2017, what has become known as the “OTC Hearing Aid Act” was signed into law, and we’ve now reached the statutory deadline for proposed rules for this new class of hearing aid. Although FDA is obviously focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, the complexities of federal preemption of state laws related to hearing aids also loom large. To ensure strong consumer protections, HIA conducted exhaustive research of hearing aid laws in the 50 states, identifying five primary areas of consumer protection to flag for FDA.

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‘Face Mask Mode’ Now Offered in Signia Hearing Aids

Signia has announced the debut of what it calls the world’s first setting for a hearing device which specifically improves audibility for those communicating with someone wearing a face covering. Built within the company’s proprietary app, Signia’s Face Mask Mode is reportedly the most complete solution on the market, requiring no in-person adjustments with a hearing care professional.

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Future Ear Podcast: Life for Audiologists & Private Practice Owners from March-June 2020

A new “Future Ear” podcast by Dave Kemp of Oaktree Products features great ideas and perspectives from six audiologists in different parts of the United States. The podcast highlights the uniqueness of some of the individual work situations and regions, and includes several excellent tips about how to adapt a practice in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery.

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