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Nuance Hearing Launches Voice Selector Converse

The Voice Selector Converse helps overcome challenging hearing situations for those who struggle with the ‘cocktail party problem,' offering “a tech solution to understand conversations in a crowded room, without the need for hearing aids,” according to the company's announcement.

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Knowles Partners with Lucid Hearing

Knowles and Lucid Hearing, a hearing aid company, have partnered to bring the hearing health industry the Westone Audio High Fidelity DWT, a hearing aid with a Receiver in Canal (RIC) that delivers “exceptional sound quality for music listening.” 



Rutgers Engineers Turn ‘Dumb’ Headphones ‘Smart’

How do you turn “dumb” headphones into smart ones? Rutgers engineers have invented a cheap and easy way by transforming headphones into sensors that can be plugged into smartphones, identify their users, monitor their heart rates, and perform other services, according to an article published on the university's website.

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‘WSJ’ Reports Jury Sides with 3M in Second Earplugs Trial

A jury in the second trial of a class-action lawsuit brought by military members who alleged that 3M did not disclose design flaws in its dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2), ruled in favor of the company, according to an article in the “Wall Street Journal.”