MCK Audio, the company that makes HearHooks and Companion Mics, has just launched a new website offering detailed product information, case studies, and research on music practices during a pandemic.

According to MCK Audio Founder and President Mead C. Killion, PhD, ScD(hon), his motivation for the company was simply his desire to “help people hear much better in noise with Companion Mics,” a system designed to help facilitate discussion and improve speech audibility in a multi-talker environment. After a landmark meeting with Rocky Stone, the profoundly deaf founder of Self Help for Hard of Hearing (SHHH) at a party, Killion was so impressed by Stone’s ability to hear amidst the burble of voices, with a microphone attached to a body aid, he set out on a quest to create the Companion Mics.

Killion has been an adjunct professor of audiology at Northwestern University for 36 years and has authored or co-authored 88 papers, 21 book chapters, and 92 US patents in the fields of acoustics and hearing aids. He has also been a frequent author for Hearing Review about PSAP/OTC findings, the assessment of musician’s earplugs, and hearing aid performance and music. Dr Killions 3-part “myths” series from 2004—”Myths that Discourage Improvements in Hearing Aid Design“, “Myths about Hearing in Noise and Directional Microphones”, and “Myths about Hearing Aid Benefit and Satisfaction“—continues to be one of the best-read series of articles in HR‘s archives.

HearHooks and Companion Mics can be purchased on the Oaktree Products website here. For more information about MCK Audio, please click here.

Source: MCK Audio

Image: MCK Audio