image The International Hearing Society’s (IHS) 50th Annual Convention will be held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA, on September 13-17. Whether or not you’ll be attending the convention, The Hearing Review invites you to take the following SNEAK PREVIEW of the latest technology being introduced by companies during the event. To learn more about the products and services featured below, visit the exhibits and/or use the enclosed postage-paid Reader Service Card (found at the back of this magazine). Descriptions of products and services listed below were provided by the companies upon request of The Hearing Review.

Please consult IHS program for updates.
Tuesday, Sept. 12
Preconvention Seminars: Practice Development and Growth
    2-3:30 pm: Marketing Your Practice for Success,  by David Kent

    3:45-6 pm: Principles of Business Planning, by William Drohan

Wednesday, Sept. 13
1-5 pm: Convention Registration

Thursday, Sept. 14
7-8 am: Continental Breakfast
7:30 am-noon: Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast Meeting
8 am-7:30 pm: Convention Registration
8 am-noon: Concurrent Seminars:
    Real Ear Programming on Real People, by Robert E. Sandlin, PhD (moderator), Richard Giles, BC-HIS & William Schenk, BC-HIS
    Beyond Technology: The Human Connection, by Von Hansen
12:15-2:15 pm: Technology Luncheon
2:30-4:30 pm: Concurrent Seminars:
    Ethical Issues of Hearing Instrument Dispensing, by Terry S. Griffing, MS
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio Loss and Directional Microphones, by Laurel A. Christensen, PhD
    ALDs + Hearing Instruments: A Winning Combination, by Rebecca Morris
4:30-6 pm: IHS Annual Membership Meeting
7-9 pm: SoundWaves 2000 Opening Night Reception

Friday, Sept. 15
7-8 am: Continental Breakfast
8-noon: Concurrent Seminars:

    Real Ear Programming on Real People,   by Robert E. Sandlin, PhD (moderator), Richard Giles, BC-HIS & William Schenk, BC-HIS
    Beyond Technology: The Human Connection,  by Von Hansen
8:30 am-6 pm: Convention Registration
1-8 pm: EXHIBIT HALL OPEN and Silent Auction
2-5 pm: NBC-HIS Examination
6:30-7:30 pm: Wine & Cheese Reception with Exhibitors

Saturday, Sept. 16
8-9 am: Continental Breakfast
8-10 am: ACA Breakfast
8-10 am: Licensing Board Meeting
10:30-noon: CHIPS Meeting
12:15-2:15: Awards Luncheon
2:30-4:30 pm: Concurrent Seminars:
    Probe Microphone Measurement Applications, by Richard W. Giles, BC-HIS
    Cerumen Management for Hearing Aid Dispensers, by Harlan Conkey, EdD
    Understanding Today’s Programmable Hearing Instrument Technology, by Victor Bray, PhD
6-7 pm: President’s Reception
7-midnight: Banquet & Beach Party

Sunday, Sept. 17
9-10:30 am: NBC-HIS Closing Brunch

For more information or for registration materials, contact:
International Hearing Society
16880 Middlebelt Road, Ste. 4
Livonia, MI 48154
Tel: 734-522-7200;

image American Hearing Aid Associates
Exhibit: See IHS program

American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) reports that, in only five years, its network of independent hearing care professionals has grown to 900 nationwide, and these associates are provided with a virtual franchise with no loss of autonomy. AHAA associates receive services such as customized business and marketing plans, owner/staff training, advertising programs and consolidated purchasing and billing. According to AHAA, it recently became the industry’s first company to provide a full range of Internet B2B services when it launched which provides associates access to many services, including their AHAA account information, manufacturer price lists and access to an application service provider (ASP) for services ranging from basic e-mail to business software. In May, AHAA began an ad program in USA Today, giving national public visibility to hearing health care and AHAA associates. Concordville, PA: 800-984-3272.

image Argosy Electronics, Inc.
Exhibit #431

Satisfaction with hearing instruments is directly related to the number of situations in which needs are met. Argosy’s multi-situation products can help hearing care professionals accomplish this goal, according to the company. Argosy invites attendees to view its new digital M2DG™ (2-channel/WDRC/2-memory in models CIC through BTE), multi-memory QUADRASOUND™ and ONQUE™ programmables, and VECTOR™ directional/ omnidirectional microphone. These hearing instruments are reported to be solutions that help enhance your patient’s ability to obtain the best possible hearing under even the most diverse hearing conditions. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-328-6105.

image Audina Hearing Instruments
Exhibit #323

Audina Hearing Instruments will be offering at the IHS Convention its Nueve Digital hearing instrument, a nine-channel aid with expansion technology and fast-acting narrowband compression. Also on display will be: AGC-o Programmable with compression limiting or linear mode of operation; Super60D Power Programmable high power instrument with compression or linear mode; Multi-memory push-button memories; Frontwave Directional multi-microphone system; Conventional instruments including K-AMP, DynamEQII, DynamEQI, Class D, AGC-o and Super60D; BTEs with numerous circuitry and sizes available; ezHEAR modular mini-canal with a rotating tip designed to accommodate a right or left ear fitting, programmable or non-programmable for entry-level starter device, demonstration or loaner. Audina offers a comprehensive product line from the top-of-the-line Nueve digital to their ezHEAR. Longwood, FL: 800-223-7700.

image Audioscan
Exhibit #424
Audioscan® is committed to providing hearing health-care professionals with tools that bring science to the fitting of new hearing instrument technology, according to the company. Audioscan’s NOAH®-compatible Speechmap®/DSL® system is a complete Digital fitting package, with a map of the client’s auditory area and unique, speech-based test signals designed to provide estimates of real speech output. Quick, accurate and easy-to-perform real-ear measurements can be conducted to ensure that the manufacturer’s auto-fit program restores audibility and comfort for a variety of listening conditions. Real-time conversion from test box measures to real-ear output allows the fitting of digital instruments without the performance changes caused by environmental noise. Dorchester, Ontario, Canada: 800-265-2093.

image Auricle Ink Publishers
Exhibit #336

Auricle Ink Publishers offers its book, The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing, edited by Richard Carmen, MA. The book has received attention from the hearing care community as a counseling tool for improving customer satisfaction (see Sergei Kochkin’s article, “Reducing Hearing Instrument Returns with Consumer Eduction,” in the Oct. 1999 Hearing Review). Auricle Ink has also released an abridged edition of the book intended for inclusion by manufacturers in their hearing instrument delivery packaging. The booklet contains five chapters covering hearing aids, improving listening and hearing skills, and dealing with the emotional aspects of hearing loss. Sedona, AZ: 520-282-6510.

Beltone Electronics Corp.
Exhibit #230
Meet the company and the technology behind Beltone, which reports that it is the number-one consumer-recognized brand in hearing instruments. The company invites attendees to visit its booth to learn more about Beltone’s new digital hearing instrument series and SelectaFit, the advanced PC-based fitting and programming software. The exhibit will showcase Beltone AVE., a new multimedia, patient-focused fitting and verification system. The booth will also feature career opportunities for hearing care professionals and owners within the Beltone network. The company’s Managed Care division will highlight the benefits that exist with the largest provider of hearing care to the managed care industry, according to the company. Stop by the booth for a FREE Collector’s Series coffee mug and “see the advantages that have made Beltone an industry leader for 60 years.” Chicago, IL: 800-621-1275.

Exhibits #131 & 133

Bernafon presents its newest Smile family members: the S205 and S325 directional ITE hearing instruments, designed to provide directional and omni-directional listening programs at an attractive price. Smile is a fully digital family of hearing instruments, ranging from CIC to BTE models. It offers more individualized user control options, a new wax-buster system and an in-situ feedback manager that detects and reduces feedback in up to four frequency bands. The system’s NAL-NL1 speech-based fitting rational is designed to provide improved speech intelligibility while maintaining a low loudness level for Smile instruments. Eden Prairie, MN: 888-941-4200.

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties
Exhibit #525

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties, a comprehensive, one-source, service warranty provider, offers service warranty protection for loss, damage and component failure on all makes and models of hearing instruments, and also features a profitable compensation plan for dispensing professionals. Compensation is paid on every warranty sold. Discovery Hearing Aid Repair is a rapid-response, full service, all-make repair lab offering competitive pricing. Mobile, AL: 800-525-7936.

photo Duracell
Exhibit #341

Duracell® Activair® offers a full line of hearing instrument batteries. The company also offers the Winner’s Circle incentive program. Earn points for every carton of batteries bought and convert the points to American Express Gift Checks. Boston, MA: 800-551-2355.

Earmold Design Inc. & EDI West
Exhibit: See IHS program.
EDI is a full service earmold lab for custom earmolds for hearing instruments, noise protection, ear protection and communications. The company is a distributor of hearing health care products, including impression materials and related supplies, earmold cleaners, modification tools, etc. Trade names include Rebound, Rebound “One Shot,” Ear Bandits™, SAV and Dri-tube. Special earmolds include Vogel mold, Aqua Brites, Multi-Brites, ER-15 (25 & 9), Sentinel noise, Boom Mic Mold and more. EDI West is the company’s newest office in Huntington Beach, CA, which offers the same products and services. Minneapolis, MN: 800-334-6466.

photo Electone
Exhibit #330
Electone will feature their digitally programmable circuits, The Pointe™ and SDM2000™. The Pointe is a 2-channel WDRC circuit with two programmable memories and six programmable parameters. The SDM2000 is a single-channel circuit with up to three programmable memories and six programmable parameters. Electone will also display their AudioAIM™ Directional Microphone System and new interactive website, Longwood, FL: 800-432-7483.

Exhibit #232
Energizer Amplifier hearing aid batteries feature capacity and power in one design to meet the performance needs of hearing instrument users and to simplify inventory control for dispensing professionals, according to the company. Energizer zinc air batteries provide a power source for both digital and conventional hearing instruments. Visit the company’s booth to learn more about the Energizer Amplifier battery program and its new Amplifier Premium Awards program. St. Louis, MO: 314-982-1929.

ESCO-Ear Service Corp.
Exhibit #236

ESCO is an industry leader in providing loss and damage insurance for hearing instruments. Lend-An-Ear’s leasing program and HELPcard’s financing program helps hearing care professionals “easily sell more hearing aids more often, overcome the affordability hurdle and generate more income,” according to the company. ESCO’s Provider Care is designed to generate additional income and work as a means for patient retention. All of the programs are designed to enhance patient management and services while hearing care professionals maintain control without additional work. Plymouth, MN: 800-992-3726.

photo Etymotic Research
In recognition of the International Hearing Society’s golden anniversary, Etymotic Research will present each luncheon attendee with a new U.S. Mint Golden Dollar Coin. In the exhibit hall, Etymotic’s industry partners will feature products that contain ER products (traditional and programmable K-AMP circuitry) and newer breakthroughs such as the sD-MIC directional microphone, which provides the highest hearing aid directivity measured to date, according to the company. Maico Diagnostics will demonstrate the hand-held ERO•SCAN DPOAE instrument with ER’s new (optional) remote probe and database software. Sample consumer brochures and a comprehensive Fitting Guide for Musicians Earplugs will be available from earmold lab exhibitors. Elk Grove Village, IL: 888-344-6457.

photo Frye Electronics, Inc.
Exhibit #132

Frye Electronics will have its complete line of FONIX Hearing Aid Analyzers and its audiometer on display. New programming for the FP35 will be shown for the first time. It will include the ANSI ‘96 test sequence. The 32-bit WinCHAP program will also be on display, and the FP40 and the FONIX 6500-CX will also have new features to show off. Frye will hold a drawing for its GIVEAWAY, a Pendelton Indian blanket. George, Sallie and Kristina Frye and Heather Robson will be there to greet old friends and meet new ones. Tigard, OR: 800-547-8209.

photo GN ReSound
Exhibits #420 & 422
GN ReSound is a worldwide manufacturer of advanced technology hearing instrument products and diagnostic/fitting equipment. At IHS this year, attendees will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the sound processing capabilities of the AL 313 DSP chip technology used in the manufacture of the Digital 5000 and Danalogic digital product lines. This is reportedly the industry’s only software-based digital design, allowing the dispenser to download selected sound processing software into the hearing instrument and upgrading existing hearing instruments with the latest sound processing solutions. The company invites attendees to “hear for yourself the advantage that fast DSP processing can make on sound quality and performance.” Redwood City, CA: 800-248-4327.

f05l.jpg (7032 bytes) Hal-Hen Company, Inc.
Exhibits #513 & 515

For the company’s 55th year of service to hearing health care professionals, Hal-Hen’s newly revised catalog features over 4000 items for hearing health care, including: Assistive devices, impression materials, diagnostic equipment, neonatal screening devices, otoscopes, earlites, earmold and fitting supplies, educational materials, fine tools, cerumen management and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. Stop by to see Hal-Hen’s newly formulated Accuflex II Silicone Impression Material, as well as a selection of new product demonstrations, special promotions and trial samples of many of its products. Garden City Park, NY: 800-242-5436.

f05l.jpg (7032 bytes) Hearing Components, Inc.
Exhibits #325 & 327

Hearing Components invites attendees to “check out the newest innovation in earmolds”: Instant fit, spongy-soft disposable tip, stock earpieces with built-in cerumen protection. Used in combination, new Comply Snap Earpieces and Comply Snap Tips are designed to be the patient’s permanent or temporary earmolds. The devices are also designed to allow patients to “test-drive” new technology or wear a loaner in comfort. Attendees are invited to stop by and try it in their own ears. Also on display will be Comply Soft Wraps, Ad-hear™ and Ad-Hear™ Plus Cerumen Guards and Hearing Component’s original product, Comply Canal Tips. Oakdale, MN: 800-872-8986.

The Hearing Review/Allied Healthcare Group
Exhibit #134
The Hearing Review has a lot of new, exciting changes to tell attendees about! Allied Healthcare Group’s recent purchase of HR has added many new dimensions to the magazine, including more color pages, a new website ( and new opportunities. Stop by and share your own news with Publisher Pauline Davies and Editor Karl Strom, and also meet HR’s new Group Publisher George Ross and Assistant Editor Zarpan Osmani. Be sure to update your qualification so you can be sure to receive complimentary issues of The Hearing Review and the HR Worldwide Registry— the award-winning reference/phone-book of the hearing health care field. Find out what articles and special topics are scheduled in the next year, and provide the HR staff with your insights about what needs to be covered in the world of hearing care. Limited extra copies of HR and High Performance Hearing Solutions, as well as select reprints, will be available. Los Angeles, CA: 800-722-8262.

Hearing Services International
Exhibit #426
Hearing Services International will feature its new Digital Instrument line with two memories and 2-channel WDRC processing flexibility. In addition, the Multi-Memory QuadraSound (four patient-accessible circuits) and the Multi-Memory On-Que (2-channel WDRC) will also be featured. These multi-situation products are available in instruments from CIC to ITE. The company invites attendees to stop by and visit with its friendly staff, hear about their show specials and receive coupons for discounts on the company’s All Make repair services. Eden Prairie, MN: 888-ALLMAKE.

Exhibit #233
HIMSA will demonstrate the new Version 3.0 release of its software product, NOAH. NOAH is designed to help hearing health care professionals make better use of computer-based tools such as hearing aid fitting systems, diagnostic instruments and office management systems. It also enables these tools to exchange information and operate together as a single integrated system. NOAH 3.0 is a 32-bit application with full Windows functionality, a variety of user set-up options, improved network performance and other enhancements. St. Paul, MN: 800-435-9246.

Exhibit #125
Digital and directionality will be the focus of Lori/Unitron’s booth at IHS 2000. The company offers a full range of directional products—from the economical, non-programmable model to the high-end, fully programmable Frontwave™ enhanced version. The company is offering a listening demonstration of the recently launched Digital Sound F/X, as well as a sneak preview of its “smart” premium digital product, Nexus. Golden Valley, MN: 800-888-8882.

Exhibits #412 & 414

Magnatone will be demonstrating what it describes as the newest breakthrough in programmable technology: the MagnaCarda™ PC card. The PC card utilizes all the graphic and visual benefits of a desktop computer, but puts it in a smaller, easily portable package using a laptop computer. The MagnaCarda™ PC card does not require Hi-Pro, AC cords or batteries. Magnatone will also display its programmable, the Digi-Pro MMC™, which utilizes a Class D circuit with multi-memory featuring AGC-o compression technology. The company’s software version 1.01 is NOAH certified. Casselberry, FL: 800-327-5159.

MedRx Inc.
Exhibits #524 & 526
“Ride the wave of success” with the new OtoWizard. MedRx has interfaced Video Otoscopy and Hi-Pro into the OtoWizard for an all-in-one diagnostic and counseling tool. The state-of-the-art hearing instrument fitting system will be on display compliments of MedRx. Come by the MedRx booth and get your feet wet with a hands-on demonstration. Also on display will be the MedRx complete line of quality Video Otoscopes and the new UltraVac featuring Pulse Power. “You won’t wipe out when you ‘hang ten’ with MedRx equipment.” Seminole, FL: 888-392-1234.

f05n.jpg (5479 bytes) Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
Exhibits #530 & 532

Micro-Tech is proud to be a part of this year’s IHS Convention. Stop by the Micro-Tech booth and listen to the Nx2, a programmable circuit combining dual-band versatility with a Resonance Booster to create a circuit with features reportedly never before achieved in a WDRC instrument. The Nx2 is designed to shatter preconceived notions about Class D WDRC circuits. Micro-Tech’s Titanium BTE with Nx2 is a miniature BTE that features a cylindrical titanium case. Designed for durability, it is reported to be virtually indestructible, affords superior resistance to moisture and provides maximum shielding from cell phone signal interference. Plymouth, MN: 800-745-4327.

Midwest Hearing Industries
Exhibit #444

Midwest Hearing Industries, reportedly the originator of loss and damage coverage for hearing devices, has been offering inexpensive, fully insured programs for over 35 years. Coverage is available for loss and accidental damage on BTEs, ITEs, CICs, digitals, programmables, ALDs and auditory trainers. Free brochures are available. Minneapolis, MN: 800-821-5471.

Oticon Inc.
Exhibits #331 & 333

Oticon introduces DigiFocus II Compact Power, a digital hearing instrument which adds three vital elements to the traditional power concept: 1) Fully automatic with programmable user volume control designed for the highest client satisfaction; 2) ASA2p: An extension of the proven ASA2 speech rationale for severe hearing losses; 3) Fitting flexibility for mild to severe losses with the multi-level software, OtiSet. Oticon invites attendees to visit its exhibit and hear more about DigiFocus II Compact Power. Somerset, NJ: 800-526-3921.

Exhibits #413, 415, 512, & 514

Phonak introduces Claro®, a 100% digital signal processing hearing instrument. Claro reportedly offers more automatic features than any other digital instrument: Automatic program selection, automatic AudioZoom® and automatic feedback control. Together with MicroLink, reportedly the smallest FM receiver available, the Claro provides a premier, wireless FM communication system. Phonak’s Astro® Technology can be packaged in any custom hearing instrument model. The Astro CIC can be ordered in a single-memory or multi-memory design. Warrenville, IL: 800-777-7333.

Precision Laboratories, Inc.
Exhibit #416
Precision Laboratories is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom earmolds for hearing aids, hearing protection, monitors and communications. Products exhibited include JB-1000 Plus™, Catamaran™ swim plugs, Challenger™ earphones and ER-15 Musician’s Earplugs. Bright neon colors, swirl and sparkle are available, and the products are used for swimming, racing, performing and broadcasting. Precision Laboratories offers an all-make repair/recase service which features Vinyl seal™ for comfort and feedback control. VS 100™ silicone impression material and Blue Ultra injection ear impression systems highlight over 300 hearing health care supplies and accessories. Visit Precision’s booth and enter to WIN a Heine mini 2000 otoscope. Altamonte Springs, FL: 800-327-4792.

Exhibits #534 & 536

Rayovac ULTRA® Pro Line® offers hearing care professionals and their patients the world’s longest lasting premium zinc air hearing aid batteries, according to the company. Rayovac ULTRA Pro Line offers: 1) A breakthrough in thin metal construction designed to provide a performance advantage over others, lasting up to 30% longer than leading competitors; 2) Packaging enhanced with bold, new graphics and features ULTRA sub-branding to communicate Pro Line’s performance advantage to consumers; 3) Year-round promotional and free marketing support so hearing care professionals can be their patient’s full service hearing care provider without spending a lot of time creating marketing programs. Pro Line offers personalized battery clubs, greeting cards, patient mailings, office signage and attractive point of purchase display units. Madison, WI: 800-356-7422.

Renata US
Exhibit #135

Renata “Swiss Made” Zinc-Air Batteries are now available in color-coded wheels of 4, 6 and 8, with both Spanish and English text, and come marked with a three-year freshness guarantee. Attendees are invited to ask about Renata’s attractive point of purchase displays, window stickers, counter signs, consumer carrying cases and the company’s private label program. Dallas, TX: 800-527-0719.

Exhibit #527

Rexton presents the Rexton 3D line of digital hearing solutions to help hearing care professionals reach a greater segment of the digital market. Rexton 3D features a three-channel, six-band sound processing system with Sensitive Voice Processing, Adaptive Feedback Suppression, Microphone Noise Reduction and a dual-microphone option. Learn more about additions to Rexton’s BTE product line and stop by to receive details about the upcoming introduction of their new hand-held programmer. Rexton also invites attendees to view their comprehensive line of digital, programmable and conventional hearing solutions. Plymouth, MN: 800-876-1141.

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Exhibits #313, 315, 317, 319 & 321

Siemens proudly displays SIGNIA™ fully digital hearing aids, SOFLEX™ flexible shells and Practice Navigator™ Office Management Software. See Siemens full offering of digital, programmable and conventional aids, plus assistive listening devices, hearing aid accessories and software. Stop by for convention “specials” on select BTEs. Enter to win one of two drawings for a Siemens phone. Piscataway, NJ: 800-766-4500.

Sonic innovations
Exhibit #137

SONIC innovations introduces its newest hearing instruments, NATURA 2 and CONFORMA 2. Using the company’s second generation microchip, these hearing instruments feature new personalized Noise Reduction technology. Working in concert with the personalized fitting in the hearing aid, this technology is designed to reduce most unwanted noise signals by an amount appropriate for the patient’s particular hearing loss. Sonic innovations’ Noise Reduction technology is available in all NATURA 2 models, from CIC to BTEs, as well as in CONFORMA 2, reportedly the world’s first, one-visit, in-office custom hearing instrument. Salt Lake City, UT: 888-5-SONICI.

Exhibit #437

The Sonus Network is a nationwide group of hearing health care clinics who have joined Sonus as independently owned affiliates to take advantage of marketing strategies, hearing instrument and equipment discounts, exclusive training and other tools. Network members can utilize an exclusive, protected area where they are licensed to use private-branded product and services, an 800-number, personalized web pages and more without a licensing fee, according to the company. The Sonus website ( offers a variety of products, services and information to consumers and dispensing professionals alike. Portland, OR: 888-333-9152.

Exhibit: See IHS program
Sound Parts, Inc. will be exhibiting its complete line of ForeverSoft™ hearing aids. These soft shell units were recently introduced to the industry. They are designed to reduce feedback and occlusion, and at the same time increase comfort. They can be modified or repaired with only a soldering iron, and they are designed not to separate, deteriorate, crack or harden because they are injection molded at 350°F, reports the company. Also available: Ready to wear Class D instruments featuring programmable CIC. 800-989-1555.

Starkey Laboratories
Exhibit: See IHS program

Starkey Laboratories’ Technology Pavilion will feature the newly released line of digital hearing instruments. DigiStar products offer the latest advancements in digital signal processing. The DigiStar family includes the new Gemini Digital Hearing System featuring SoundScapes™ signal processing for a wider dynamic range, the Aries Digital Hearing System featuring nine independently programmable narrow-band channels designed for a closer emulation of inner ear dynamics and the Cetera Digital Hearing System, reportedly the world’s first cerebral auditory assistant. Other products include: ProHear 32-bit software, Custom Label Batteries and the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Live demonstrations of OAE product technology, PFS 2.23 programming software and the Starkids program will also enhance attendees’ experiences. Eden Prairie, MN: 800-328-8602.

Telex Communications
Exhibit #240
Telex introduces two new products, the Slide Switch IntelliMic and the unveiling of its new Sontiva™ website. The Slide Switch IntelliMic from RTI combines the activation switch (omni to directional) with the microphone capsule, allowing a sleeker faceplate design. The company can build a programmable aid using the IntelliMic and include a program switch and amplified t-coil switch. Also, because of its reduced size, half-shell directional ITEs will be available in all programmable and compression circuits. IntelliMic is said to provide an overall signal-to-noise improvement of 6.4 dB and be extremely affordable. Telex is also launching its new website,, that will provide information about the new Sontiva™ digital signal processing hearing instrument line. “It’s not a secret anymore!” says Telex. Minneapolis, MN: (800) 328-8212.

United Hearing Systems
Exhibit #531
UHS introduces UNITA digital technology to complement its full line of programmables, including K-AMP-3, the new EQ-4 and the Ultima IV AGC-o. These are available with a choice of three directional options and are programmable via Hi-Pro with the easy-to-use Audio Gallery software. For WDRC or Digital hearing aid patients that need more power, the company offers its Ultima IV. This instrument reportedly offers power performance with AGC-o, and unique to UHS, can be obtained in either Class D or Class B or even Dual Receiver Class B. The Ultima IV is available in all custom models from ITE to CIC. Plainfield, CT: 800-835-2001.

Warner Technologies, Inc.
Exhibit #334
Warner Technologies invites all IHS attendees to visit the Warner booth for demonstrations on the newest product lines, including Tech-care™ personal care products. The company offers a full line of products and flexible programs designed to help grow the businesses of hearing care professionals. The company reports that it is fast becoming the single-source supplier with the most complete line of hearing aid products for manufacturers, dispensers and audiologists. Minneapolis, MN: 800-328-4756.

Westone Laboratories
Exhibit #141
Westone Laboratories reports that it “delivers much more than what you’d expect.” In addition to featuring various new products at the IHS booth, Westone will also be featuring service. “The first responsibility of every person at Westone is to serve you, our customer. So don’t be surprised if you get a little more than you bargained for,” says the company. Westone invites attendees to stop by their booth and see the company’s earmolds, impression materials, supplies…and service! Colorado Springs, CO: 800-525-5071.

Exhibits #517 & 519
Widex presents Senso Plus 100% Digital CIC, ITE, BTE and Super Power BTE models which offer the longest battery life of any fully digital hearing instruments, according to the company. Senso Plus models can be fitted through Compass Fitting Software or by a hand-held programmer. The company also announces the A3 100% Digital mini-BTE that features high-level compression designed to automatically maximize speech intelligibility and listening comfort at high-level inputs. It features a two-channel digital signal processor (DSP); three digital trimmers (HTL low, HTL high and UCL) each with eight possible program settings; Varioslope filters designed for accurate and versatile fittings, and a standard digital volume control (±12 dB). Long Island City, NY: 800-221-0188.