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Audioscan Launches Software Updates for Verifit2 and Axiom

Audioscan announced a new software updates for its Verifit2 and Axiom hearing instrument verification systems. Benefits include new tools for improving the efficiency and accuracy of Speechmap verification, counseling enhancements, and new BAHD devices for DSL-BCD target verification using the Verifit Skull Simulator, among other additions, according to the company.

Cochlear Announces FDA Approval of Three New Products

The approval of the Cochlear Nucleus Kanso 2 Sound Processor, Nucleus 7 Sound Processor for Nucleus 22 Implant recipients, and Custom Sound Pro fitting software reflects Cochlear’s “ongoing commitment to innovation in hearing technology, providing access to smartphone connectivity and helping to improve hearing performance, and enhancing the cochlear implant fitting experience for hearing health professionals.”

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Effects of Probe Tubes Inserted Through Earmold Vents on Real-Ear Probe Microphone Measurements

Effects of inserting the probe tube through various sized vents, as well as under the earmold, during real-ear probe mic testing were examined in this study by Stephen Painton, PhD, and Taylor Sweeney. Results seem to support the practice of inserting the probe tube through the vents of earmolds for a “truer” low-frequency measure. This seemed to be the case regardless of the diameter of the vent. All conditions with the probe tube under the earmold seemed to show a “slit leak” effect on the low-frequency output measures that was larger than any effect shown by the probe tube being placed through the vent.

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