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Beltone Launches Rely Hearing Aids

Beltone, a hearing care retailer with approximately 1,500 locations in North America, announced the launch of Beltone Rely, a full collection of hearing aids “offering proven technology and advanced features and services normally only available in premium-priced hearing devices.”

ReSound Launches Face Mask Program at 2020 Digital EUHA Congress

According to ReSound, hearing care professionals can now adjust hearing aid settings to compensate for the sound distortions caused by face masks. The new settings can be installed “remotely and conveniently via the ReSound Assist Live— a cloud-based tele-audiology service that provides support to people from the safety and comfort of home.” This technology has proven important during COVID-19.

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Research Shows Benefit of Access to All Sounds in Environment

Studies conducted by Eriksholm Research Centre found that natural brain function first processes the entire sound scene before focusing or selectively attending to the sound of interest. Researchers point out that the findings have significant implications for hearing aid design, challenging traditional approaches that let conventional technology decide what the brain needs to attend to.

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