Self-fitting OTC hearing aids now available for purchase in Australia

WS Audiology has announced the launch of the Vibe Air self-fitting over the counter (OTC) hearing aid in Australia.

The Vibe Air has been recognized with a prestigious CES Award for its One Microphone Beam TechnologyTM, which provides speech recognition and the ability to focus on the person speaking in front of the wearer, while the Vibe Air hearing aid remains virtually invisible in the ear. This technology is designed to address the number one challenge for people with mild hearing loss, to be able to hear clearly in social situations when there is background noise.

The Vibe Air is self-fitted by the wearer without the need for an appointment with a hearing specialist, and wearers have full control of their Vibe Air hearing aid with the Vibe smartphone app.

At a price point of 1,295 AUD (approximately $875 USD) a pair, the Vibe Air provides value for those looking to improve their hearing and quality of life. The Vibe Air is available for purchase both online at and at selected Hearing Clinics located in all major cities across Australia.

“At WS Audiology, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers for hearing aid devices and helping those with hearing loss reclaim their social life. The Vibe Air self-fitting hearing aid is a testament to our commitment to provide accessibility to hearing care for everyone, offering high-quality hearing care at an affordable price point” says James Benston, Managing Director of Vibe in ANZ. “With Vibe Air, we believe we have a solution that can provide support to Australians who are living with un-addressed hearing loss. Vibe is affordable, easy to use and offers great hearing performance for mild to moderate hearing loss.”

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Source: WS Audiology

Images: WS Audiology