Constella Group, Durham, NC, has awarded more than $16,000 to two organizations to create national emergency response guidelines to assist pregnant women and infants in the United States and in developing countries, and to assist hearing impaired and mentally disabled children in India.

Through its Corporate Philanthropy Program, Constella has awarded $10,000 to Vibna, a 12-year-old volunteer-driven organization with a mission to enable children’s health and development. Constella will support the organization’s childcare programs, targeting poor hearing-impaired children in Mumbai, India; and for poor children with mental disabilities in West Bengal, India. The funds are specifically being used to procure immunizations, hearing aids, health education, speech therapy, health education, physiotherapy, and other health-related services for these children.

“I am honored that Constella is able to support these organizations as they are improving the health of so many people worldwide,” says Donald A. Holzworth, Constella Group chairman and CEO. “I cannot think of a better way to honor our vision of enhancing human health around the world, every day, than by supporting our employees’ volunteerism and giving to organizations they recommend that are passionate and focused on making the world a healthier, safer place.”

“We will use these funds to support two projects—one in Mumbai, India, for hearing impaired children, and the second one in Ajmer and Rajasthan for developmentally challenged children,” says Rajesh Haridas, chief operating officer of Vibna. “We are really excited to have Constella’s support. This type of support motivates our volunteers and makes them do more for the cause of underprivileged children.”

[SOURCE: Business Wire, September 19, 2006]