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Anders Hedegaard Resigns as CEO of GN Hearing

GN Hearing CEO Anders Hedegaard has resigned after accepting a position as CEO in another company outside of the hearing industry. Marcus Desimoni will act as interim CEO of GN Hearing, in parallel with his role as CFO of GN Store Nord and GN Hearing, until a new CEO for GN Hearing is appointed.

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Medical Team Publishes Clinical Findings of Reported Balance Disorder in US Diplomats in Cuba

“Objective testing showed evidence of a balance disorder that affects the inner ear and a unique pattern of cognitive and behavioral dysfunction,” said Dr Michael E. Hoffer, professor of otolaryngology and neurological surgery. “This cluster of auditory and neurological symptoms, along with associated psychological issues, does not resemble more classic traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on our team’s vast experience in this area.”