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Journey Into the Dead Zone, with Brian C.J. Moore, PhD

This "oldie but goodie" podcast features an introduction to cochlear dead zones by perhaps the world’s foremost authority on the subject. Dr Moore describes how these regions might be created, possible tell-tale signs and tip-offs for presenting in a patient, and their implications for treatment of hearing loss and hearing aid fittings.

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Anders Hedegaard Resigns as CEO of GN Hearing

GN Hearing CEO Anders Hedegaard has resigned after accepting a position as CEO in another company outside of the hearing industry. Marcus Desimoni will act as interim CEO of GN Hearing, in parallel with his role as CFO of GN Store Nord and GN Hearing, until a new CEO for GN Hearing is appointed.

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Starkey Releases World’s First Hearing Aid with Fall Detection and Alerts to Livio AI Users

Starkey has released its new Fall Detection and Alert feature in Livio AI hearing aids to a limited number of hearing professionals, and plans to offer the feature to all dispensing professionals and their clients in late February. Using integrated sensors, the Fall Detection and Alert feature is designed to automatically detect falls and send messages to as many as three contacts.