Together, IHS and WHO are raising awareness of hearing healthcare

Today, The International Hearing Society (IHS) in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) are recognizing March 3 as World Hearing Day to raise awareness of hearing healthcare. If you are struggling to hear the television or keep up with conversations in group settings, you may be one of 1.5 billion people globally with hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, help is readily available for many people worldwide, including the approximately 37.5 million U.S. individuals who experience some degree of hearing loss. IHS is launching a new consumer awareness campaign themed, Stay Connected With Life”, on World Hearing Day to help connect the public to licensed hearing healthcare professionals who can provide hearing solutions.

“International Hearing Society is pleased to partner with WHO in recognizing March 3 as World Hearing Day to help more people prevent and address hearing issues. IHS plans to expand the reach of this important initiative with the launch of our ‘Stay Connected With Life’ consumer awareness campaign. I encourage all individuals to have their hearing checked and discover their hearing baseline from a licensed hearing healthcare provider, some of whom can be identified through our free directory: Hearing protection and communication solutions are available to so many who will take the first step in visiting a hearing healthcare provider,” said IHS Executive Director Alissa Parady.

Annette Cross, BC-HIS, Immediate Past President of IHS and Board-Certified hearing instrument practitioner from Nova Scotia, Canada, said, “As a hearing healthcare provider and Canadian, I am so proud to stand with WHO on World Hearing Day and encourage people around the world to ‘Stay Connected With Life’, the theme of IHS’ Consumer Awareness Campaign. IHS is a global Society, representing hearing healthcare professionals from 18 countries. Our members include Hearing Aid Specialists and Audiologists who serve the needs of their local communities across the globe, making care accessible and communication solutions achievable.”

“I want to remind individuals to have their hearing tested on an annual basis, just as they would their eyes, teeth, and other physical checkups. Communication with one’s loved ones, employers, and caretakers, enables people to ‘Stay Connected With Life’, and hearing aid specialists provide individuals that ability on a daily basis. Find a hearing aid specialist near you to determine whether you have hearing loss or hearing aids may be helpful by visiting” added Cross.

Source: IHS

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