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Latest Launches Horizon AX Hearing Aid Line

In support of's mission to bring “high-quality hearing care to anyone, anywhere, the new family of hearing aids are for those seeking an affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides the most advanced sound experience possible,” according to the company's announcement.

Behind the Ear


Whisper Announces First Upgrade of ‘Learning Hearing Aid’

San Francisco-based Whisper released the first upgrade to its Whisper Hearing System. As the first of many, the upgrade marks the beginning of a series of planned improvements in sound processing and new features to Whisper—all without the need for existing users to purchase a new hearing aid.

US Hearing Aid Sales Fall by 18% in 2020

According to Hearing Industries Association (HIA) statistics, total net hearing aid sales in 2020 reached 3.47 million units, a decrease of 18.0%, with the private/commercial sector experiencing a decrease of 14.2% and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) a decrease of 34.0%. Here is an analysis of hearing aid sales in 2020, including state-by-state unit losses, and what the future might hold in 2021.

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