Phonak, a leading hearing aid manufacturer and part of the Sonova Group based in Stäfa, Switzerland, has added three specialized lifestyle features and models to its new series of Paradise-powered hearing aids, including Audéo Fit™ which provides the user with data about various health indicators, including heart rate, steps, activity levels and distances walked or run. Phonak’s latest introduction also includes the addition Phonak Slim™, as well as the expansion of Phonak Audéo Life™ to all performance levels in the United States.

The expanded Paradise line is designed to unlock today’s active lifestyles—especially those who are health conscious, enjoy outdoor activities, or are fashion forward. Each product is based on the company’s best-selling Paradise platform, which reportedly features universal Bluetooth connectivity for crisp, natural sound and an unrivaled hearing experience not previously provided by the line.

“Consumers want products that reflect their personality, and hearing aids are no different. With these three new products— Audéo Fit, Audéo Life and Phonak Slim— you can track your activity data, explore more than ever before, or simply show it off,” said Phonak Director of Global Audiology Angela Pelosi. “This Paradise line is really just the beginning of what’s to come in connecting hearing solutions to whole body well-being. Our goal is to keep people more fully engaged in living their best and most active life.”

Hearing loss is associated with a higher likelihood of physical inactivity, while at the same time physical activity can enhance cognition, learning, and overall well-being. Audéo Fit, Audéo Life, and Phonak Slim are each designed to provide more opportunities and meaningful solutions to people with hearing loss so that they can pursue and engage in their active lifestyles.

Phonak Audéo Fit

Audéo Fit

The myPhonak App, paired with Audéo Fit, lets the user know about various health indicators, including heart rate, steps, activity levels and distances walked or run. With access to personal activity data from sensors that are built into this innovative hearing aid, users can also pursue healthy habits and set personal goals to the sound of their own fitness.

Phonak Slim

Phonak Slim

Phonak Slim is stylish and designed to look and feel different. Phonak Slim comes in a variety of two-tone colors – silver/black, graphite/black, and copper/black – and its design follows the natural contour of the head such that it is delivered exclusively as a pair with a unique right and left earpiece.

Audéo Life

Audéo Life

Audéo Life is designed to help people get immersed in their experiences with a hearing aid that is waterproof (up to 50 cm or about 20 inches) and tested beyond IP68 rating for not only fresh water, but also salt or pool water and sweat. Furthering its seamless quality, Audéo Life comes with a portable battery-powered induction charger, called the Phonak Charger Case Go™, so that the user can easily recharge the hearing aids at home or on the go.

“Phonak’s latest hearing aids work in harmony with you and your lifestyle,” said Phonak Vice-President of Marketing Jon Billings. “This is such a pivotal moment in leveraging technologies and innovation for empowering well-being. We strive to continue to eliminate barriers so more people can fully benefit from our hearing aids.”

According to Phonak, the three new models are further evidence about how the Paradise platform can be tailored to anyone, while still delivering the exceptional sound quality of the Paradise platform. After initially launched in the United States in 2021, Audéo Life will be available in all performance levels in the US as of today. Audéo Fit and Phonak Slim will be available this summer.

Source: Phonak