Hear.com announced the launch of its new hearing aid line, the Horizon AX. In support of hear.com’s mission to bring “high-quality hearing care to anyone, anywhere, the new family of hearing aids are for those seeking an affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides the most advanced sound experience possible,” according to the company’s announcement.

Horizon AX Hearing Aid

The hear.com Horizon AX hearing aid’s design offers “discrete placement and provides users with excellent speech understanding, built-in situation detection technology, and bespoke features specifically for the more active user,” including:

  • Speech Focus Mode helps provide “an extra boost of crystal-clear speech comprehension by identifying and suppressing background noise in real time – allowing the user to focus on one-on-one conversations even in noisy environments like restaurants, sporting events, conferences, etc.”
  • Panorama Mode boosts sound clarity in a 360-degree radius around the user, “ensuring clear and realistic comprehension from every direction.”
  • Relax Mode mutes microphones at the touch of a button and emits “serene, stress-relieving ocean sounds.”

Horizon AX products also make it possible to “clear speech understanding, combining the most innovative technology with the experience of over three million customer consultations.” Using two separate processors, this technology helps “significantly increases the contrast between speech and background noise, making speech more easily understandable and accentuating frequencies at the user’s fingertips.”

All devices come with Bluetooth connection, rechargeable batteries, and direct integration with both Apple iPhone and Android products. The Horizon smartphone app for simple hearing care management helps allow users to access music, telephone calls, podcasts, and even TV with the Streamline TV feature, according to the company.

Featuring three styles – the Style, Go, and Mini – the Horizon AX line is designed to offer “cutting-edge technology without compromising style or comfort.” The line is available in multiple colors with a behind-the-ear (BTE) style and will be available as in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids later this year.

The hear.com Horizon AX is available to be fit today either via a hand-selected hear.com partner audiologist or the company’s Tele-Audiology option. Hear.com’s Clinic-in-a-Box Tele-Audiology journey delivers a package including a tablet, hearing aids, and all diagnostic equipment needed to conduct a high-quality medical hearing evaluation and fitting of hearing devices, right to your doorstep, according to the company’s announcement.

For more information on the new Horizon AX line or to begin your no-risk trial with our Hearing Success Program, please visit: www.hear.com.

Source: hear.com

Image: hear.com