AI has transformed some industries overnight. Now – AI has come for hearing aids and audiology.  Meet Whisper, the new hearing system that gets better over time. Traditional hearing aids don’t upgrade themselves. Whisper does. In the two white papers below, you can learn how their AI has impacted sound processing and transformed hearing care.

Are you wondering what the next frontier is for hearing aid technology?

White Paper: Redefining Hearing Aids

With Whisper,the hearing aid starts smart and keeps improving.This continuous improvement is driven by regular software upgrades that deliver performance enhancements. Learn how it works.

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If you were interested in Redefining Hearing Aids, and the Whisper Hearing System then you should also check out Redefining Hearing Aids.

White Paper: Beyond Frequencies: Artificial Intelligence, Sound Patterns, and the Whisper Hearing System

On average patients keep a hearing aid for over six years, during which technology can change dramatically, and leave them outdated. We believe there is a better way.