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Nobody should feel limited by hearing loss or their hearing aids. Now you can give a truly individualized experience to patients regardless of needs or preferences. Hearing their best and doing what they want, without compromising. Hearing feels like second nature with ReSound’s unique Organic Hearing approach and individualized solutions. New ReSound ONE™ Behind-the-Ear styles, including a Power BTE, join popular Receiver-in-Ear designs and their groundbreaking M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) – all with new options for connectivity.

Some Key Features of Resound One:

Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE)

Role: The Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear design combines the two traditional hearing aid microphones with a third microphone that sits in the ear to collect sounds in the most natural way.

Benefit: M&RIE uses the unique shape of each patients’ ear to collect sound the way nature intended. Patients get the natural sound of custom products, combined with the advanced features and ease of use of a RIE model, for an immersive and individualized hearing experience with greater depth and direction. 

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All Access Directionality

Role: All Access Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns according to a binaural hearing strategy.

Benefit: Provides the optimum settings to help patients effortlessly engage with people and surrounding sounds as they move through their daily listening situations.

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Ultra Focus

RolePatient-activated Ultra Focus uses a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids to focus on the speech in front of the patient. It provides up to a 30% improvement in speech understanding over All Access Directionality.

BenefitBetter one-to-one hearing experience in the toughest environments so patients can focus on the speech they want to without completely losing access to the sounds around them. 

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Enjoy the confidence of being able to recommend an individualized solution for your patients. Offer optimal guidance along their journey to better hearing and grow your business while giving patients new ways to hear the world around them.

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