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Oticon Launches Hands-free Streaming Feature on Oticon More

Oticon announced that users of Oticon hearing aids built on the Polaris platform technology will now be able to enjoy hands-free communication using iPhone and iPad*. In addition to streaming audio from iPhone and iPad, the Oticon More family can be used as a wireless headset so that users can speak hands-free on calls.

Oticon Expands Oticon More Family

More options — from the new miniRITE T with disposable batteries, and the portable SmartCharger, to new fitting options, and a music-oriented signal processing program — help allow hearing care professionals to “better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.”  For patients with single-sided deafness, Oticon also extends the Oticon CROS family with a new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter that is compatible with Oticon More.

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Chatable Launches AI V3.0 Edge On-chip Inline DNN

Chatable (HAAC Ltd) announced in a white paper – “Breaking Through the 6ms Latency Barrier” – what the company describes as “a dramatic fundamental breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) for conversation enhancement.” The white paper introduces Chatable AI v3.0 Edge: “the first on-chip inline deep neural network (DNN) for direct audio processing that has no perceptible latency.”

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Augmenting Speech Recognition with a New Split-processing Paradigm

Research findings are presented for the Signia AX platform, with its introduction of a new signal processing paradigm called Augmented Focus, which splits the incoming sounds into two separate signal streams. The activation of Augmented Focus showed a significant benefit for speech recognition in background noise, and when compared to leading competitors, a significant advantage also was observed. Additionally, when combined with the Signia AX binaural beamformer, speech recognition for the participants with hearing loss was significantly better than for their normal-hearing counterparts.

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