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GN Hearing Launches ReSound Omnia

GN Hearing announced the launch of ReSound Omnia – a new hearing aid platform that will “set a new standard in hearing technology and improve how people interact with the world around them.” According to the company, ReSound Omnia provides “significantly better hearing in noisy environments than any previous ReSound hearing aid.”

A 10-Year Review of the Earlens System, Part 3: What’s the Big Deal about Audibility and Broader Audible Bandwidth?

This 3-part series is a high-level review of the data that has accumulated across more than 10 years of clinical research with the technology at the heart of the Earlens system. In Part 1, we dove into the speech understanding data to demonstrate how increasing the audible bandwidth of processed sound results in improved speech understanding performance from several perspectives. In Part 2, we discussed the perceptual benefits to naturalness and overall sound quality. Finally, in Part 3, we’ll deep dive into the restoration of audibility and how the Earlens approach to overall audibility improvement is reliably achieved in fittings via direct drive—as well as who may benefit from this. 

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Oticon Expands Oticon More Family

More options — from the new miniRITE T with disposable batteries, and the portable SmartCharger, to new fitting options, and a music-oriented signal processing program — help allow hearing care professionals to “better match each patient’s lifestyle, needs, and preferences.”  For patients with single-sided deafness, Oticon also extends the Oticon CROS family with a new rechargeable Oticon CROS PX transmitter that is compatible with Oticon More.

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