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Speech in Noise


Musician Scott Simons Uses Widex Moment Hearing Aids

One night, while wearing the old brand and watching sports at a local restaurant, Simons noticed he was having trouble separating the sound of the TVs from that of the conversations around him. He swapped to the Widex MOMENT pair for comparison and everything changed.

Chatable Launches AI V3.0 Edge On-chip Inline DNN

Chatable (HAAC Ltd) announced in a white paper – “Breaking Through the 6ms Latency Barrier” – what the company describes as “a dramatic fundamental breakthrough in artificial intelligence (AI) for conversation enhancement.” The white paper introduces Chatable AI v3.0 Edge: “the first on-chip inline deep neural network (DNN) for direct audio processing that has no perceptible latency.”

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Augmenting Speech Recognition with a New Split-processing Paradigm

Research findings are presented for the Signia AX platform, with its introduction of a new signal processing paradigm called Augmented Focus, which splits the incoming sounds into two separate signal streams. The activation of Augmented Focus showed a significant benefit for speech recognition in background noise, and when compared to leading competitors, a significant advantage also was observed. Additionally, when combined with the Signia AX binaural beamformer, speech recognition for the participants with hearing loss was significantly better than for their normal-hearing counterparts.

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Signal Processing Strategies that Improve Real-world Satisfaction in Key Listening Situations

A survey of 56 patients who compared the performance of the Signia Xperience Pure 312 7X hearing aids with their previous hearing aids found satisfaction ratings significantly higher for the Signia devices and also considerably higher than a recent (2018) EuroTrak survey that utilized many of the same survey questions. Wearer preference for Xperience was strong across common listening demands: speech understanding, listening effort, and overall preference. The results demonstrate Xperience wearers can expect high levels of satisfaction, a critical component of long-term success.

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