Global provider of hearing solutions, Phonak, releases new hearing aid and myPhonak app updates

Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions, announces the release of its latest hearing aid, Phonak Slim Lumity.

According to the company, the device comes with a host of technological features of the Lumity platform, including Universal Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling, Tap Control, and activity tracking. The SmartSpeech Technology is said to improve speech understanding in noisy environments, while the Speech Enhancer reduces listening effort by up to 20% for communication over distance and provides 23% better speech intelligibility for speech over distance.

“With the perfect combination of style and hearing performance, Phonak Slim Lumity perfectly embodies the lifestyle of modern hearing aid wearers while also boosting their confidence,” commented Oliver Frank, Vice President of Phonak. “By making it available on our latest Lumity platform, we’re also ensuring that Slim wearers have access to our most advanced technology, to hear better in noise, in challenging situations, and over distance in quiet situations.”

In addition to the Slim Lumity, Phonak also announced the release of its most recent intelligent wireless technology, New Roger On—which transmits speech directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. The company also updated the myPhonak app, which now includes support for CROS Paradise wearers, allowing them to control their CROS P systems via any smartphone.

Phonak Slim Lumity will be available in 90 and 70 performance levels to licensed hearing care professionals in select markets as of April 25, 2023. New Roger On will be available as of June 5, and the myPhonak app is now available and supports CROS P wearers worldwide.

Source: Phonak

Images: Phonak