Rexton has unveiled Rexton Reach, a new hearing aid platform that helps wearers participate in group conversations and hear multiple voices at the same time, even amid background noise.

The first hearing aid model built on the Rexton Reach platform is Rexton Reach R-Li T, a rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid that ensures every voice within a conversation is clear and recognizable, the company says.

“When a group of people are involved in a conversation, hearing can get complicated. Not everyone speaks the same way – some voices are louder than others, voices overlap, and people move around,” says Kerrie Coughlin, Rexton’s VP of marketing. “Despite these complexities, every voice is important. To be truly engaged in a conversation, hearing aid wearers need to be able to hear each participant clearly and consistently amidst background noise. We developed Rexton Reach to provide wearers with a solution they can rely on for all of their conversations – even in tough environments like restaurants, construction sites and medical facilities.”

The Rexton Reach platform also features rechargeability and seamless connectivity for ease of use, the company says.

About the Rexton Reach R-Li T

Rexton Reach R-Li T is designed to solve challenges associated with hearing in noisy group conversations with its Multi-Voice Focus technology that leverages four focus beams that scan the surrounding environment 1,000 times a second, monitoring the changing positions of speakers and their changing voice volumes, the company says.

The technology constantly adapts to the changing dynamics of the conversation, boosting the prominence of those in the group who are speaking while keeping track of those who are silent – all without switching modes or delaying.

Rexton Reach R-Li T offers wearers peace of mind that their rechargeable hearing aid will get them through the day. Its wear time is up to 39 hours, or 34 hours with 5 hours of streaming. It also boasts a four-hour standard charge time or 30-minute fast charge.

Reach R-Li T features a robust Lifeproof design that can withstand the drops, splashes, and scratches of everyday life and is built with rugged components that are extensively tested to ensure they can withstand whatever life throws at them, the company says.

Additionally, it incorporates MFi and ASHA protocols for seamless smartphone connectivity and is future-proof, needing only a straightforward firmware update to connect via Bluetooth LE audio.

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“For almost 70 years, we’ve been committed to developing durable and powerful hearing aids that wearers can rely on,” says Coughlin. “With Rexton Reach, we’re furthering this mission by empowering individuals to confidently engage in every conversation, regardless of where the conversation is taking place. We’re not just facilitating communication; we’re strengthening connections and ensuring that every voice is heard clearly.”

Rexton Reach R-Li T features telecoil and comes in four color options. It’s available at select hearing care professionals (HCPs) and HearUSA centers nationwide.