Signia announced the launch of the Styletto AX hearing aid featuring two new capabilities for its Augmented Xperience (AX) platform – My WellBeing and CallControl. These new features “further optimize human performance through enhanced hearing and general wellness in various aspects of life,” according to the company.

First introduced in 2018, Signia’s Styletto is “the world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid that features a slim and stylish design that breaks down stigma.” The design of Styletto AX is preferred by 8 out of 10 consumers, and its 12 unique color combinations makes it one of the most fashionable hearing aids on the market.[1] In addition, for the first time, patients with single-sided deafness can be fit with the Styletto form-factor, via the CROS Styletto AX.

“Today’s hearing aid wearers increasingly demand both cutting-edge functionality and premium, stylish design,” said Jennifer Wright, AuD, Vice President of Marketing at Signia. “Styletto AX delivers on this demand by combining world’s-first technologies that optimize both hearing performance and general health and wellness, packaged in an ultra-thin, highly attractive form-factor that patients will be proud to wear. Premium performance, functionality, and design represent the future of hearing aids – and Styletto AX is delivering on that future today.”

Boasting up to 20 hours of runtime per charge, Styletto AX features a pocket-size charging case that charges the hearing aids wirelessly for up to four additional days. Patients can charge their hearing aids anywhere, at home or on the go. 

Introducing My WellBeing and CallControl to the AX Platform

Hearing aids on the Signia AX platform now benefit from My WellBeing, a new capability that “goes beyond better hearing to empower patients to stay healthy in mind and body.” Patients who enable the function within the Signia app can actively track their level of social engagement (My Conversations), how consistently they are wearing their hearing aids (My WearTime), how many steps they’ve taken (My Steps), and level of physical activity (My Activity).

Patients can use this information to enhance their lifestyles in ways that can improve their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. My WellBeing also encourages consistent hearing aid use by bringing awareness to just how significant healthy hearing is to maintaining overall health and wellness. 

With CallControl, patients can use their Signia AX hearing aids to operate the Signia HandsFree feature with their iPhone or iPad. This solution gives patients the freedom to participate in other activities while taking phone calls hands-free via Bluetooth with their hearing aids. CallControl also utilizes the patented dual processing technology of Signia AX to reduce background noise during phone conversations to provide better clarity and intelligibility for patients in noisy scenarios. 

The Technology Powering Styletto AX 

Styletto AX joins the growing line-up of hearing aids built on Signia’s industry-leading AX platform, which utilizes Augmented Focus technology to process speech and background noise separately — offering “outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive soundscape.”

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, Styletto AX allows patients to connect to their Android or iOS device to stream phone calls, music, and TV audio in digital sound to their hearing aids. Additionally, the Signia app leverages artificial intelligence to adapt the hearing aids to their acoustic surroundings. Users can select what types of sounds they want their hearing aids to focus on, and the Signia Assistant learns their preferences over time to automatically tune the hearing aids. 

“Signia is proud to offer our HCP partners a pioneering hearing aid that intelligently blends performance, functionality, and design in ways that will appeal to new and existing patients,” concluded Mike O’Neil, President of Signia US. “Styletto AX builds on our company’s legacy launching world’s first technologies in stylish, consumer-centric form factors, and yet again underscores our commitment to providing HCPs with the solutions their patients demand.”

For more information about Signia Styletto AX, visit here.


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Source: Signia

Images: Signia