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Personal Sound Amplification


ReSound ONE Hearing Aids to Offer Hands-free Calling

ReSound ONE users will be able to answer calls with a tap on their hearing aids and enjoy conversations with “outstanding sound quality — all without ever having to take their device out of their pocket,” according to the company's announcement.

Rexton Launches M-Core Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aid manufacturer Rexton announced an all-new line-up of rechargeable M-Core behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. The new M-Core devices help “improve hearing in any situation, and include the M-Core B-Li P, the M-Core B-Li M, and the M-Core B-Li HP – the company’s first high-power rechargeable BTE hearing aid that delivers up to 61 hours of battery life on a single charge.”

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Signal Processing Strategies that Improve Real-world Satisfaction in Key Listening Situations

A survey of 56 patients who compared the performance of the Signia Xperience Pure 312 7X hearing aids with their previous hearing aids found satisfaction ratings significantly higher for the Signia devices and also considerably higher than a recent (2018) EuroTrak survey that utilized many of the same survey questions. Wearer preference for Xperience was strong across common listening demands: speech understanding, listening effort, and overall preference. The results demonstrate Xperience wearers can expect high levels of satisfaction, a critical component of long-term success.

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Nuheara Receives FDA Registration for IQbuds2 Pro

The IQbuds² PRO has received FDA classification as a Class 2 medical device. “Utilizing Nuheara’s connected hearing technology platform, the company’s aspiration is to create an end-to-end hearing healthcare company by efficiently delivering hearing products, accessories, and services across the Hearables, Medical Device, and OTC markets,” says Nuheara CEO Justin Miller.

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Sound Quality in Real Life–Not Just for Experts

Sound quality plays a key feature for overall hearing aid satisfaction as well as in everyday moments of real-life hearing. A large international survey of hearing aid users confirms the importance of sound quality, showing higher satisfaction with the WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids for overall sound quality, for specific situations of real-life use and for hearing aid users’ ability to participate in daily life.

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