GN announced the expansion of the Jabra Enhance hearing offering to include Lively, described as “a leader in hearing solutions and convenient, online care for users with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.” Lively has rebranded to Jabra Enhance and launched a new website,, as an online destination for “better hearing enabling consumers to explore, purchase, and receive hearing care from home.” The rebrand follows GN’s acquisition of Lively in 2021 to expand offerings in the telehealth market.

“We are thrilled to team up with Jabra as a global pioneer in audio innovation for 150 years of sound engineering to shape the future of online hearing care,” said Adam Karp, CEO of Lively. “While our name has changed, our mission has not. Together with Jabra, we will deliver the same innovative and convenient care model to our customers while now accelerating our efforts to elevate the hearing care experience and expanding our reach for millions of Americans in need of hearing solutions.”

“The introduction of Jabra Enhance comes at a pivotal time in the hearing health industry,” said Calum MacDougall, Senior Vice President at Jabra. “Whether you need a hearing enhancing earbud, a stand-alone OTC hearing aid, or professional programming and support, the Jabra Enhance offering will cover the hearing needs for millions of Americans, with an easy online destination to explore, purchase, and receive care.”

The inclusion of Lively into the Jabra Enhance offering comes as hearing health is being elevated on the overall US healthcare agenda. Today, only one in five people who could benefit from hearing improvement wears hearing aids. On October 17, the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulation for over-the-counter hearing aids went into effect.

Lively’s existing hearing aid technology will continue to be offered, but now as Jabra Enhance Select 50, Enhance Select 100, and Enhance Select 200, the company says. The Lively Connect app will be renamed Jabra Enhance Select, and Lively’s Audiology Team, 100-day risk free trial, payment options, and warranty will all remain as key elements of the Jabra Enhance offering. Additionally, the new Jabra Enhance Plus hearing enhancement earbuds will be available on in Q1 2023, as its first OTC offering.

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