Signia announced that it has partnered with the Dallas Cowboys to raise awareness for hearing health – an important aspect of physical well-being. With this partnership, Signia will educate consumers on the importance of healthy hearing through “iconic innovations, unparalleled support, and service excellence.”

“For the millions of Americans living with hearing loss, proper treatment is key to overcoming the physical and emotional effects of this condition and to live their best lives,” said Jennifer Wright, vice president of marketing for Signia US. “As a team and establishment, the Dallas Cowboys prioritize health and well-being, and we’re looking forward to partnering with them to show their millions of fans how advanced hearing aid solutions fit by licensed hearing care professionals can help them thrive.”

“Partnering with like-minded organizations like the Dallas Cowboys that embrace hearing health as a vital component to enhancing personal well-being and physical ability is essential to our corporate philosophy,” said Mike O’Neil, President of Signia US. “We’re thrilled to establish such a valuable relationship with the Dallas Cowboys to create a broader vision of health and wellness that includes hearing care, all while breaking down the stigma associated with hearing loss.”

Signia “strives to optimize hearing health with a powerful approach that supports both wearers and hearing care professionals.” Signia does this with a portfolio of nine different hearing aid styles, offering options “to meet every degree of hearing loss and wearer preferences.” Signia has also introduced several “world’s first hearing innovations,” including Augmented Focus technology.

As part of the partnership to build hearing health awareness, consumers will have the chance to win prizes such as club seat tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys in action at their home stadium. Through a fun and interactive hearing health game, consumers can learn more about hearing, the risks of leaving it untreated and how Signia technology can help them optimize their hearing and overall health. The game also connects individuals with a local hearing care professional to provide a demo of Signia hearing aids, enabling them to hear the Signia advantage directly. To play, visit:

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