ZVOX announced the launch of its wireless earbuds that are said to combine hybrid noise cancellation and AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology. The new AV30 earbuds offer the following features:

  • “Audiophile-quality sound performance for incredibly realistic music and movie soundtracks.” 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 30 feet or more. 
  • Hybrid active noise cancellation that “dramatically reduces ambient sounds by up to 23 decibels.”
  • Multiple listening modes: 1. AccuVoice dialogue clarity combined with noise cancellation. 2. “Outside sounds” mode that allows listeners to hear traffic sounds, horns, etc. 3. “Normal” mode without AccuVoice effects or noise cancellation. 
  • Four-hour battery life. 
  • Compact case with built-in lithium battery charger that can recharge earbuds four times.

“More and more people are watching movies, TV shows, and sporting events on tablets, phones, or laptop computers,” said ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. “And many of those people, like me, grew up listening to loud music – and now could use a little dialogue boost to help them understand what people are saying. The AV30 earbuds are the perfect solution for the 95 million Americans over the age of 50. With their strong noise cancellation and small size, they are also ideal for air travel.”

The AV30s are available now at ZVOX.com and Amazon.com for $99.99, including recharging case and three different sizes of ear domes.

ZVOX: A New Kind of Hearing Company
ZVOX was founded in 2003 by two long-time consumer electronics veterans. In 2014, ZVOX introduced a technology that would change the company’s focus—the patented AccuVoice technology uses “advanced algorithms to mimic the function of a hearing aid, resulting in a dramatically new level of dialogue boosting and voice clarity.” Today ZVOX offers a variety of hearing-related products including speakers, wireless headphones, and hearing aids. Based in Swampscott, MA, ZVOX sells though zvox.com, Amazon, Walmart.com, and selected retailers.

Source: ZVOX

Images: ZVOX