The Amplifon Foundation—the corporate foundation created by Amplifon in 2020, on the company’s 70th anniversary, as “a means of giving back value to the community–”has put out a call for donations to “ support the work of UNHCR in Ukraine in these dangerous and distressing times.”

The announcement is as follows:

100% of your contribution, on top of the 1 million euros (USD $1.1 million) already donated by Amplifon, will be used to protect vulnerable groups –and especially the elderly- to ensure shelter, to offer protection for all those forced to flee away from their homes and to provide core relief items to all those who left everything behind.

Together we will ensure relief for all those people at risk.

Donate here:

The strategy of Amplifon Foundation was designed to leverage on the expertise of the Company, on the know-how of the Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies (CRS), and on the work of its other foundations active around the world such as the Miracle-Ear Foundation in the US and Fundación GAES Solidaria in Spain, according to the company’s website. The analysis of the company’s “key stakeholders’ expectations and social needs” highlighted the need to launch the company’s new, dedicated philanthropic vehicle for managing and valuing Amplifon’s efforts for the community in a concerted way.

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The Amplifon Foundation will represent the point of reference to implement and fund impactful projects for local communities, in Italy and abroad, that are aligned with its goals.

For 70 years now, through technology and research, Amplifon has been “improving quality of life and allowing people to rediscover the emotions of sound.” Since 2020, the company’s commitment as the Amplifon Foundation is “to enable the full realization of those who are in a condition or at risk of marginalization,” to foster inclusion and eliminate stigma.

Source: Amplifon Foundation