Extending the Blu line of hearing aids, Unitron announced the official launch of its Insera ITE (In-the-ear) hearing aids, powered by Blu. The Insera family offers “flexibility and personalization through a range of choices in size, functionality, and features based on individual needs and preferences,” according to the company’s announcement.
Unitron’s Insera ITE hearing aids offer “the latest in sound performance, connectivity, and personalization and are easy to wear with glasses and masks.”

Hearing aid wearers can be confident knowing their HCPs (Hearing Care Professionals) understand their hearing needs thanks to Log It All, one of Unitron’s Performance Tracking Experience Innovations. Log It All Captures critical real-time data which enables HCPs to provide recommendations to patients more clearly based on their real-world listening lifestyle. Log It All is available for all hearing aids on the Blu platform, including the new Insera devices.

“Unitron is excited to deliver our most personalized hearing experience yet. Our 312 wireless model features connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the Remote Plus app, offering wearers a personalized experience,” said Unitron Product Manager Samson Berhane. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to hearing and Insera ITEs are custom designed to fit many ears and powerful enough to keep up in many lifestyle adventures. The advanced Blu platform is now complete with ITEs that allow for a truly customized approach that includes both form and function.”

The fully connected Insera B-312 features Made For All direct connectivity and the connectivity features available on the Blu platform, including our Experience Innovations. Unitron’s Experience Innovations  allows HCPs to provide “enhanced support and an improved listening experience for wearers.”

  • “Quick and efficient” remote adjustments directly from the HCP to their patient. 
  • Utilizing Coach, wearers can access app-based coaching to help guide and optimize the hearing journey. 
  • HCPs benefit from Unitron’s Ratings feature. Ratings captures real-time data and comments alerting HCPs on their patient’s success and struggles. Another unique Experience Innovations feature available on Insera.

Did you know? 97% of HCPs agree that the Blu platform provides easy connections to all kinds of favorite tech*

In today’s digital-led world, listening experiences help us stay connected. And thanks to Made For All connectivity on the Blu platform, it is “easy for hearing wearers to stay connected to their favorite devices.”

For more information on the new Insera ITE product line, please visit: https://www.unitron.com/insera.

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Source: Unitron

Images: Unitron