As part of their continued customer-focused approach Lucid Hearing announced the launch of fio, its “smallest in-canal, rechargeable hearing aid.”

“Fio is focused on delivering the most comfortable fit and function for the active individual who is looking to maximize every moment of their lives. Hearing health is a right of every individual and our goal at Lucid Hearing is to simply help people hear better” said Jason Kidd, CEO Lucid Hearing. “Part of that responsibility is to make products that are ready for use, discreet in nature, and empower the end user to customize their hearing profile.”

Compatible with LucidShape, fio allows the user to develop custom hearing levels for all types of environments making wearing fio a way to bring the user back into the conversation.

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About Lucid Hearing:
Lucid Hearing’s mission is to advance hearing healthcare holistically across its family of brands that encompass hearing enhancement, enjoyment, protection, detection, and wellness. They believe every human should have access to better hearing, and is proud to offer free online and in-store assessments at over 500 Lucid Hearing clinics nationwide.

Hearing Aids Powered by Lucid are “highly sophisticated devices which have the capacity to make a real impact on the overall quality of life for those with hearing loss,” according to the company. They “help deliver natural sound quality that is superior to traditional compression hearing aid technology.” Powered by Lucid hearing aids help you “hear the sounds that are most important to you and ensure they are at the most understandable and comfortable volume.” For a smoother, richer sound, multiple channels create “greater sound quality allowing our Powered by Lucid technology to focus the most important part of the sound signal in a comfortable listening range while minimizing distortion.”

Source: Lucid Hearing

Images: Lucid Hearing